Alanna's Kitchen 2017 New Menu @ Pandan Indah, Ampang

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I'm back to Alanna's once again for her latest menu selection! For those who have not read about my first time here, this is the link

Anyway, I just had to try what she had in stores this time!

Arabic Lamb Mandy + Rice - RM18.90

Unlike most of her other Mandy, this is the priciest. However, there is a good reason to it as the lamb was incredibly tender. I mean it was so tender that pushing a fork through would slide the meat off the bone easily. 

It is also well-packed with flavour while the additional sauce on the side gave it that zesty finish. Rice was aromatic as ever and the combination was just fabulous. This dish comes highly recommended for all Mandy or lamb lovers out there.

Shish Tawook Grilled Chicken + Rice - RM12.90

You know a dish is great when chicken breast are done incredibly tender and soft. Possibly, it is one of the best chicken breast dishes that I've had due to its texture and flavour. It comes with a side of aromatic basmati rice, mixed greens and her signature garlic sauce. Good flavour, fantastic texture - this dish also comes in highly recommended.

Grilled Sambal Fish (Seabass) + Rice - RM12.90

If you enjoy spicy food as well as fish, then you are gonna love Alanna's Grilled Sambal Seabass. Not only was the portion huge, the fish was flaky, fresh and well spiced with the sambal. Some say it was spicy, I find it just nice. Definitely worthy the try, especially when it comes to flavour. 

Carbonara Seafood - RM17.90

 Unfortunately, I like my spaghetti done al-dante and this was a tad bit too soft. The sauce was lacking in depth, but was okay overall. There were plenty of seafood such as mussels, clams, prawns and squid, which is nice. However, I still very much enjoy a carbonara that is incredibly rich and creamy. 

Bolognese Cheesy Rice Ball - RM10.90

Think Onigiri, but bigger and filled with more stuff! That is what this is all about. A huge ball of rice filled with cheese, covered in breadcrumbs and fried till golden perfection. A side of bolognese sauce will be given to mix into the dish later on. It is quite fun to eat, while the flavours and textures were alright. 

There certainly is room for improvement, as this is still at a testing stage. 

Beef Stew + Mandy Rice - RM17.90

Flavour, flavour and flavour. That is what I could say about this dish. The stew is nicely packed with a strong essence of beef, along with chunks of tender-soft meat. It's also a little spicy due to the black pepper, but I like my stew slight heat-y. Definitely a yes for me and to anyone who loves beef! 

Abalone Scallop Porridge - RM28.90

A CNY Special! Only 4 servings will be made a day!

This bowl of porridge comes with 2 large sized abalone and 6 scallops! On top of that, the essence remains from boiling over 9 hours is used to flavour the porridge, giving it a slightly oceanic taste and aroma. The porridge is also cooked for a prolonged period of time, making it smooth and luscious. 

Overall, this dish is a must have this CNY! 

Waffles + 2 Scoop Ice Cream - RM10.90

For those that can't eat that much, there's also the single ice cream option that will cost RM7.90. 

The great thing about this is the fact that the ice cream is homemade. So do expect fresh and natural ingredients with no artificial colouring or preservatives. Smooth, creamy and luscious ice cream on crispy yet fluffy waffles drizzled in chocolate sauce - lovely!

Ice Cream - RM3.90/RM6.90 (1/2 Scoops)

Those that do not wish for waffles can opt solely for the ice cream too!

Blueberry Cheesecake & Cappuccino Mousse Cake 

To finish, cakes! What better way to end a meal if it isn't some cakes? Smooth, creamy and absolutely delightful, Alanna's Kitchen's homemade cakes are definitely something worth trying! 

Overall, like my previous visit - everything was great. There were some dishes that require minor tweaks but overall, fantastic. Not only was it affordable, everything was fresh and made upon order. Definitely a restaurant worth going for! 

To my Muslim brethrens, the restaurant is currently applying for its Halal license and it's about complete. So do not worry so much on that as they will update it soon on their Facebook page once it has been approved.


No:8, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23D, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 11am - 10.30pm

Tel: 03-9201 7134

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