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If you're looking for an affordable place to eat while still want that punch of flavour, Alanna's Kitchen is definitely one place worth checking out. It's located in Pandan Indah, where the location isn't as blissful as it may sound. In this humble township is where Alanna's Kitchen is operating. Serving the neighbourhood with delicious home-cooked meals at an incredibly affordable price! 

Our feast of the night!

Arabic Chicken Mandy - RM9.90

Starting off strong with a simple but hearty set of Arabic Chicken  Mandy, where the chicken is well marinated with spices and the rice is filled with flavour and fragrance. The chili on the side too was tangy and spicy, which worked really well with both the chicken and rice. 

Arabic Yemeni Mandy (comes with drink) - RM11.90

Next on the list is something similar, but with a different approach for the chicken instead. Bright red and packed with a good amount of flavour, this piece of chicken is both tender and juicy as it's baked to perfection! Technically, this was my favourite among the rest! 

This item is still not available on the menu yet. But soon, within a few days!

Arabic BBQ Chicken (comes with drink) - RM9.90

Followed by something similar, but different in a good way. The Arabic BBQ Chicken comes with a delicious piece of grilled chicken, marinated to herb-ish perfection and served with a side of rice, fries, garlic sauce and salad. It's simple, light and extremely flavourful. The chicken may be a little tough due to the cut, but the flavours are well worth the effort.

Nasi Lemak Special (comes with drink) - RM8.90

This nasi lemak special, despite costing only RM8.90, comes with a huge chunk of chicken marinated and fried to crispy perfection. Not only that, the flesh was incredibly tender and moist, making it really pleasurable to eat. The sambal on the side too had a balance of sweet and spicy, which was very addictive and goes really well with the chicken and rice. 

Alanna's Special Grilled Chicken (comes with drink) - RM12.90

Something a little different but tastes absolutely amazing. This simple yet delicious plate of grilled chicken with rice truly is one of a kind. Grilled to perfection with a little char on the edge, this dish packs in a whole lot of flavour from the marinate, rice and the sauce on the side.

Grilled Chicken Chop (Black Pepper or Mushroom sauce) - RM9.90

Tender, juicy succulent and packed full of flavour. Alanna's Kitchen's Grilled Chicken Chop was done with extreme care and love, where the both the black pepper and mushroom sauce are homemade. A nice seasoning on a slab of chicken thighs and grilled to juicy perfection - what's not to love?

Fried Chicken Chop - RM13.90

If you're a fan of the fried version instead, go for this fried chicken chop with a side of brown sauce. The slab of chicken thighs was fried to crispy perfection while retaining a good amount of moisture within, allowing the chicken to be juicy and plump. 

The fries that was served on the side of these dishes may look simple and boring, but it was sprinkled with Alanna's Kitchen's homemade curry powder. So do remember to finish that as well!

Spaghetti Carbonara - RM10.90

Creamy yet light, simple yet delicious. This plate of spaghetti carbonara comes with Alanna's Kitchen own homemade cream sauce, topped with chicken sausages and crispy toast. Those sticks are fried spaghetti, so do not worry. Flavour-wise, incredibly well balanced with a good amount of seasoning. 

Treasure of the Sea - RM12.90

Treasure of the Sea, also known as Spaghetti with an Asian twist for me, comes packed with fresh seafood such as prawns, squid, mussels and clams. Each of these are fresh and cooked to perfection. Not too over and not too raw - just right! The broth too had a nice depth of flavour while the entire dish was more than pleasurable. 

Arabic Chicken Haneeth (with rice and drink) - RM9.90

This may look like a very odd dish (which I agree) but the flavours and style is fairly Arabian. You'll get a strong sense of spices, similar to a cup of laksam available in most Indian restaurant. Pungent and packed full of flavour. The chicken too was cooked to tender perfection and is a great pair to some Mandy rice or white rice. This dish also includes drinks of choice - coffee or soft drink.

Seafood Tomyam (with rice and drink) - RM9.90

Seafood tomyam with rice and drink for only RM9.90? You've got to be kidding me! Not to mention that there are plenty of fresh squid, prawns, clams and various other ingredients that is well worth above RM9.90. The tomyam too wasn't lacking in flavour as it is rather spicy and tangy. If anything, this affordable serving of tomyam is probably the best I have within the price range. Hell, it may even be better than some RM20 tomyam available in KL.

Crispy Chicken Burger - RM9.90

I know, it does look somewhat like a fish burger and that is what I thought at first. However, it's chicken. Anyway, the burger comes with a generous spread of homemade sauce, which is right in between the lettuce and crispy chicken. As an overall, it is pretty good. Nice balance of flavour and tanginess from the sauce. 

Though I would prefer something with a little more kick. However, it's safe to say that the burger is entirely homemade, even the buns. 

The fries too are dusted with a good amount of homemade garlic powder - which is absolutely addictive.

Chocolate Muffin

Some sweet desserts for us before we move on to the cake. Soft, fluffy and really chocolaty. This little cups of sweetness will certainly brighten a person's day.

Blueberry Cheesecake
Oreo Cheesecake
Green Tea Cheesecake
Dark Forest Cheesecake

Dark Forest Mousse
Hazelnut Mousse

All cake comes with a choice of black coffee, earl grey tea or soft drink. Available whole day.

Last but not least, Alanna's Kitchen most prized possession - cakes. Each of these cakes are made fresh every two days, as the stock will be sold out by then. Freshly baked in-house with a good amount of premium ingredients, all the cakes tasted really nice and smooth.

It also wasn't extremely sweet, though the flavour was spot on. I particularly liked the Green Tea Cheesecake (which is new on the menu) and the Dark Forest Mousse. The cakes are incredibly balanced in flavour and having more than one slice doesn't seem to be an issue. If any case, the cakes are definitely worth going for, especially when coffee, tea or soft drinks are included!

Overall, Alanna's Kitchen has well exceeded my expectations. This humble restaurant with limited seating and bare decor proved to be a much better place to dine than most pretentious places. The food served is as good as it gets, though the owner kept insisting on improving.

Pricing, well, unbeatable. No need to explain much on that. The place is also Muslim friendly, where there are no pork, no lard and no alcohol here at all. 


No:8, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23D, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 10pm

Tel: 03-9201 7134

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