Eat Mor Paradise Steamboat @ Damansara Uptown, PJ

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Celebration comes in all sorts of shape and sizes. Steamboat, is definitely one of the most commonly used method of celebration in Malaysia. Featuring Eat Mor Paradise, a surprisingly huge restaurant with spacious seating located along the LDP/NKVE highway, in Damansara Uptown. You can easily spot the restaurant if you're coming from Subang using the NKVE through the Damansara toll. 

Look at that feast! The beauty of various elements, coming together in a hot boiling pot of soup - ahhh, life.  

Just pay attention to the humongous red sign above. 

This pork skewer comes from one of the special order menu, where they prepare it fresh upon putting the numbered clip in a bowl. It is also one I highly recommend getting as it is both juicy, succulent and packed full of flavour. The meat is also tender and literally melted in my mouth. Absolutely delicious and definitely worth seconds.

Chicken and Beef satay, both marinated and grilled beautifully, ensuring that the meat is both tender and juicy. Flavours were pretty good, and it came in just the right portion. 

Taiwanese sausages - a savoury treat to say the least.

Freshly grilled bak kwa - loads of flavour and undeniably tender. Loved it!

Pork Rice - a savoury concoction of minced pork meat braised in dark gravy and served with rice. 

Fresh cuts of meat! Definitely worth stacking up upon. 

For those who enjoy your daily dose of fibre, you're in luck. Eat Mor Paradise offers a wide and diverse range of vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and beancurd. All of them are sorted fresh on a daily basis. 

There's also an abundance of seafood items available. Items such as crabs, prawns, mussels, clams, fish and bamboo clams are some of the more popular picks. 

To begin, they offer 4 different types of soup - Clear, Chicken, Herbal and tomyam. Personally, I really enjoyed the tomyam as it is both spicy and sour, yet salty enough to flavour my meat, seafood and vegetables. Of course, the soup will get sweeter overtime with all the ingredients used, so the longer you cook the better it tastes.

As for the vegetables and meat, they're really fresh and are constantly being replenished. So do not worry if they were to run out. The slices of meat also takes no more than 15 seconds to cook, which is great. 

As for the sauces, you're in for a treat. There are more than 10 different types of sauces with more than 5 different types of condiments. Simply mix and match your favourite sauce, or follow some of the recipes recommended by them and enjoy. 

Overall, if you're looking for a place of celebration or you're stuck on LDP, then head on over to Eat More Paradise for a hearty meal of steamboat!


36A & 38A, Jalan SS21/62, Damansara Utama, 47400 PJ. 

Operating hours: Daily 5pm - 12am

Tel: 03-7733 9033

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  1. Food so so only.. seafood not fresh price not worth for it

    1. Less variety of food compare to others buffet steamboat

    2. I guess quality really had dropped already. Haha.