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Day 1 was tiring, no doubt. After a night of sitting on a plane, listening to several children shouting their lungs out and babies crying as if the plane was about to crash, it can really be exhausting. Until today, I still wonder why are infants allowed on board - especially on a night flight. Anyway, moving on that, for those of you whom are interested in day 1, here is the link Korea Itinerary Day 1

Waking up in the morning, as energised as I was excited. I felt the pulse of life, seeping through my skin. We showered, plan our route on a physical map (yes, this is bloody important) and proceed on out. 

Our itinerary of the day was fairly simple - visit Seoul Tower and Bukchon Village. It may seem fairly simple but I assure you, we took the hard route out. 

The look on his face. I bet he loved his job.

Anyway, the day started with a train ride to the nearest station, followed by breakfast at Taco Bell. Yes. Taco Bell, you’ve heard that right. Taco fucking Bell. You might be wondering, why fast food on the second day of the trip? Well, frankly speaking, I’ve always wanted to know what Taco Bell taste like. And after several countries, this is the first time I’ve stumbled across one and I just had to go for it. 

As we plan to eat a whole lot more, we opt for the set meal that costed merely KRW5500, and shared. 

I would say this, but the photos looks amazing. Well, technically, I know that but I still had a pinch of hope left that it would be as good. 

When it was served, it came in one piece - which was rather surprising as the photo showed 2. Anyway, figured out that it would be different and I proceed to cut the damned thing in half. Poured some hot salsa provided and had my first bite. 

Honestly, not that bad. Whether or not I would go back, no. But for a first try, definitely. Or perhaps when I’m drunk or high, this would be good. The taco shell was nice and warm, while the inner fillings were somewhat generous (fast food benchmark). What really made it great was simply the sauce, a pretty decent one at that. Drinks are refillable and they offered a sort of Korean soda, which I quite enjoy. 

Next up, Line Friend’s Store. I’ve heard about them after I’d purchased my flight ticket, and fortunately they opened a month before my arrival. Pretty lucky I would say. Now I’m not exactly a big fan of Line or Line merchandise, but I would admit that it is cute to say the least. 

*Nearest station: Itaewon (Maroon line)

They pretty much have everything here, from t-shirts to shoes, balloons to thumbdrive, it’s all available here at a hefty price. I assume most girls would love this place as they were the only one that kept coming in and out. Guys, well, you’re pretty much the photographer here as they literally take photo at every available corner. 

To be fair, I did not flush the first time I came here. I simply did not understand how or where to press to flush the damned thing. At least have one button in English that says flush! 

It is also quite a huge store, with 3 stories in total - the highest being the cafe and toilet. 

Being somewhat attracted to the bear, I opted for their ice cream, which costs me KRW5000 per serving. That is bloody expensive, but well, it’s cute. So yeah. Take my money. Take it, and go. 

To be fair, I’d expected worst for the ice cream. Little that I know that the cream was absolutely delicious. It’s rich, subtlety sweet and smooth. A pretty damn good one at that. The ice cream also doesn’t melt as quickly, which gave us enough time to take photos. 

Moving on, we’ve decided to walk from where we were to Seoul Tower. We did not intend to take the taxi or bus simply because this was a way of travel that we enjoy. Breeze walking along the streets of Seoul - I mean, why not right? 

Of course, we stumbled across a few things here and there. Some shops and cafes that we simply had no time to visit. If I am to return, I will definitely pay them a visit. 

Finally, the first flight of stairs before getting on the route to Seoul Tower. Mind you, this does not lead to Seoul Tower directly, but more of getting into the park that leads us there. Even going to the cable car, you’ll need to climb this, unless of course you came from the other way round.

For those who enjoy a walk, I highly recommend that you come through here. Not sure about other seasons, but in Spring, you’ll be able to see a series of cherry blossoms, which is beautiful.

After a good 1 hour 30minutes climb, or more, I can’t recall, we’ve finally reach the top. Right before the entrance, there were plenty of tour bus, those lazy shits but yeah, plenty of them and even regular public bus, where you can ride to return back down. 

There will be plenty of tourists, so do not expect it to be an empty place where you can take photos anywhere. 

Even for this photo of the “love lock tree”, we had to wait in line. 

From here, you can opt to go up the Seoul Tower, or just linger around at the base. It is fairly huge, so we decided to just lay around and spend the money on food. The cost is roughly KRW7000-8000 to get up, but any meal spent on N Seoul Tower’s fine restaurant will allow you a ticket up. 

First thing’s first, Churros with Ice Cream. This delicious concoction of milk ice cream, strawberries and churros is only KRW5000, definitely worth the price! Though I’d still prefer the churros in Myeongdong, this wasn’t bad either. 

After that, lunch. There are several restaurants available, though not a lot, we went for N Burger, the same shop that sold us the ice cream churros. I opted for the classic beef burger with a side of beer, because that is what life is all about. I’m not gonna come here and have my side of fries and Coke, that’s for sure. 

In any case, the burger is good to say the least. Each and every element was cooked to perfection, but the combination is fairly simple. You can pretty much find this sort of burger everywhere else, but perhaps not done as nicely as N Burger. All and all, it still tasted good. The beer however, tasted a lot like water, but due to the weather and the mood, it’s all good. 

After lunch, we’ve decided to give Seoul Tower a final tour, just to see if we’ve missed out anything important. Once that was done, we took the bus down as we wish not to waste more time. The journey took 10 minutes to the station we intended to go. 

Entering Bukchon Hanok Village.

*Nearest station: Anguk (Orange line)

We then took the train and head on down to Bukchon Hanok Village. Where almost everyone had their Instagram photos taken here. But, there’s a catch. The most popular street isn’t exactly easy to find. In fact, we couldn’t find it even after searching frantically for 2 hours. We soon gave up and head back to Myeongdong. 

Our second arrival at Myeongdong allowed us to try out more food, those that we’ve failed to try on the first night. Of course, this was the day that we actually stepped in the beauty shops, scouting for prices and what to buy. 

The night ended with more food, and minor shopping of seaweed and some hand cream. We tend headed back home and rest for the night. 

Korea Day 2

9am - Left AirBnB to Taco Bell
9.30am - Breakfast at Taco Bell
10am - Left to Line Friend's Store
11.30am - Left to Seoul Tower (by walking)
1.30pm - Arrival at Seoul Tower
3pm - Left Seoul Tower to Bukchon Hanok Village
5pm - Left Bukchon Hanok Village to Myeongdong
5.40pm - Arrival at Myeongdong
9pm - Left Myeongdong back to AirBnB

*Disclaimer: All photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge without any further editing. 

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  1. Hello! I noticed you also stayed in gongdeok mapo-gu, can you recommend nearby cafes and restaurant around this area? we're planning to stay in there as well. Thanks!

    1. There's 1 really cute lamb cafe called Thanks Nature, where they actually have 2 lambs in the area for you to play with. Another place that has good coffee would be Fritz Coffee Company =D. Hope you'll find that useful.

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