Milkissimo Hokkaido Gelato @ Da Men, Subang USJ

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If you've yet to try Hokkaido-style ice cream, or wish to have one immediately, then you ought to try out Milkissimo at Da Men USJ (the new mall right beside The Summit USJ). The concept of mixing Italian-style gelato with Hokkaido ingredients result in Milkissimo, a sweet concoction of milk and various flavours.

The shopfront in Da Men USJ. 

Single Flavour - RM11.90
Double Flavour - RM14.90
Triple Flavour - RM17.90
Premier Flavour - Add RM1
Waffle Cone - Add RM1

There are currently 13 flavours available with 4 seasonal flavours: 

1. Pumpkin
2. Cherry Blossom
3.Caramel Macchiato
3. Tiramisu
4. Purple Sweet Potatoes
5. White Peach
6. Almond Chocolate
7. Hokkaido Strawberry Milk - Yogurt
8. Biscuit - Green Tea Milk
9. Coconut And Passion Fruit - Vanilla
10. Mellow Melon - Sicily Pistachio
11. Banana Yogurt - White Chocolate
12. Black Sesame Milk
13. Northern Hascup

Milkissimo uses premium quality ingredients (sometimes seasonal as well) to create all these lovely flavours. As for the seasonal product, Edamame Estivo, Haskapp, Corn Fresco and Melon Matoro are extremely unique. Finding it somewhere else is improbable.

There are 3 types of serving size available, along with a choice of cup or cone.

Green Tea & Hascup combination. 

My first pick on the flavours, a safe green tea flavour with their unique Hascup (which taste similar to raspberry or a blend of different berries). Starting with the matcha, it was a little on the sweeter side and ended with a slightly bitter note while the hascup was fairly acidic. Both the ice cream held quite well and did not melt, as the texture too was pleasurable. 

Sweet Potato & Sakura

Something a little different, sweet potato and sakura flavoured gelato. The sweet potato tasted really authentic, which was somewhat weird for me. I would say it's good, but odd at the same time. The sakura had a pleasant aroma but the flavour wasn't my cup of tea. 

Green Tea Parfait

For those who prefer something a little more luxurious, you can too try out the range of parfaits offered at Milkissimo. I went for the gree tea simply because I enjoyed it the most. There are various other options available such as strawberry, chocolate, and coffee. 

The parfait is packed with a good amount of items, starting from the jelly at the bottom, vanilla ice cream, red bean paste, corn flakes, cream, a tad bit of crused berries, matcha ice cream and of course, a matcha kitkat. 

All and all, if you're craving for a dessert that involves all these factors, Milkissimo is well worth the try. The flavours alone from the array of Hokkaido-gelato would suffice in satisfying your cravings. In any case, go for the 3 scoops option!


GF-31, Ground Floor, Da:Men Shopping Mall, Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1, Subang, Selangor

Operating hours: Daily 10am-10pm

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