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If you're looking for a rather affordable fine dining, then you've come to the right place. Celebrating 2 years of auspicious operations, The Point Restaurant & Bar is proud to present you with some of the delicious delicacies, along with some new introductions.

You'll find on the first floor that it is a rather compact restaurant, with the bar located right above. So right after a hearty meal, you know what to do.

The entrance may not look like much, but inside, it certainly is something. 

Internally, the place looks luxurious with a nice rustic touch of timber and bare concrete. Though at night, the place is rather dark and all these little elements are somewhat lost. Apart from that, the ambiance and decor are really nice.

Big Breakfast - RM28

Starting off strong with a good serving of big breakfast. it comes with scramble eggs, pork sausages, pork bacon, prosciutto, hashbrowns, brioche and a side of salad. Everything here was seasoned nicely and cooked to perfection. 

Portobello Mushroom & Mozzarella Croquette - RM28

It may look like a huge ball of grease, but trust me, inside, it's gorgeous. Two thick slices of portobello mushroom filled with a good amount of mozzarella cheese and encrusted in breadcrumbs before frying to golden perfection. This dish comes with a side of hash, half-boiled egg, brioche and a side of salad. Simple and delicious.

Surf n' Turf - - RM32

You might be wondering, why is such a burger so expensive? Well, few things. Firstly, that golden piece right above the patty is a Deep Fried Crayfish (much like a baby lobster). Below, you'll find corned beef on a bed of salad, topped with dill mayo and served with fries on the side. 

The burger itself was pretty good, though I wish the corned beef were actual minced beef. But apart from that, the burger was alright. Not too shabby.

Prawn & Crab Croquette - RM31

This I would say, though it's boring appearance, is pretty delicious. The crab croquette had a nice and crusty breading, along with a moist and succulent mix, finished with a good serving of laksa sauce. The sweet,  slightly spicy and savoury edge of the laksa sauce worked really well with the rich and hearty croquette. The dish may be simple, but it's one that I quite enjoy.

Salted Egg Yolk Soft Shell Crab - RM29

For those who enjoys salted egg and soft shell crab, this dish may be in your interest. I enjoyed the combination along with its play of texture and flavour. The soft shell crab is lightly fried with salted egg yolk, finish with curry leaf infused cream sauce and served in lettuce cups. Lovely.

Citrus Cured Salmon Carpaccio - RM42

Light, refreshing and unique. The Point Restaurant & Bar's take on the classic salmon carpaccio was fairly enjoyable, the method seemed overly complex. 

Halibut Fish Linguine - RM28

For those who enjoys something light, this plate of Halibut Fish Linguine would do the trick. Lightly seasoned along with cream, asparagus, and Grana Padano Cheese. 

Basil Pesto Linguine - RM28

Something a little heavier? Opt for the Basil Pesto Linguine as it comes with grilled jumbo prawn. Flavours were slightly more intense as compared to the previous one, but still retain quite a good amount of freshness. Not too creamy. 

Pesto Rosso Spaghetti - RM26

This, among the 3 was the most flavourful. Combining all 3 of them together and you'll get the colour of Italy's flag - white, green and red. Quite a fun concept I would say. I also preferred this over the other 2 as the flavours are more up to my taste. It's rich, sweet and savoury which gives it that nice burst of flavour.

Truffled Cold Angel Hair with Avruga Caviar - RM30

If you're not very hungry, but still would like a punch of flavours, then this is the way to go. Despite its incredibly small portion, the pasta was done exceptionally well. The essence of the truffle oil along with a savoury spoonful of caviar, what more is there to ask for? (except for a little discount cause the price is somewhat high for me. then again, there's truffle oil and caviar).

Bak Kut Teh - RM46

Yes, you've read that right. It is bak kut teh, done in a modern and fine-dining way. Though many might disagree, I actually enjoyed this dish very much. I loved how the chunks of pork are presented along with the choice of cut used. It isn't as tender as some of the bak kut teh that I've had elsewhere, but the texture, personally, was great. Loved the bite of the meat along with several layer of fats. 

The soup that you'll find in regular bak kut teh has also been reduced here into a thicker consistency, poured around the plate. The dish also comes with a side of quinoa to replicate rice, bak choy, garlic and chili padi soy glaze and topped with mushroom tempura.

Pan Seared Black Cod - RM62

This dish is quite luxurious as well. It comes with a generous portion of pan-seared black cod, seasoned to perfection along with smoked caviar dressing, asparagus, mushroom fritters and balsamico. Loved the texture and flavour of the fish, but dislike the use of mushrooms here. 

Chicken in Percik Sauce - RM38

This rather Malaysian dish comes with a sous vide chicken thighs, making it incredibly moist and tender. Served on a bed of mashed potatoes which were velvety and smooth - lovely, asparagus and percik sauce. Though I have to say, the sauce really needs to have more flavour as I found it to be rather flat.

Mille-feuille Ricotta - RM26

Finally, the dessert! Starting off with the Mille-feuille Ricotta, where it is served with layers of puff pastry, ricotta cheese, peach and berries. The combination may the simple, but the flavour and especially the texture of the puff pastry, was amazing. 

Chocolate Fudge - RM25

If you love chocolate, then you're gonna love this. The fudge was made to be really chocolatey and soft, as slicing through it felt like slicing through butter. It's rich, sweet and has a nice pistachio note at the end due to the crushed pistachio topping.

Creme Brulee - RM25

Last but not least, a classic creme brulee with kah-lua and Bailey infused. The texture is done right and the flavours were good. It wasn't overly sweet and both the kah-lua and Bailey's worked subtlely. 

Overall, the food I had at The Point Restaurant & Bar was good. Though some of their dishes are not up to expectations, most of them were. My favourite picks would definitely have to be the Angel Hair with Truffle and Caviar, Pan Seared Black Cod with Caviar, Bak Kut Teh, Prawn & Crab Croquette, Chocolate Fudge and Mille-feuille Crepe. Service was also rapid and friendly, where plates are changed quite frequently. 

There are currently some on going promos as seen from the picture above. So if you're planning to try out something new, do visit The Point Restaurant & Bar at Damansara Heights.


122, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 5pm - 1am. (Closed Sunday)

Tel: 03-2011 8008

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