Buns & Meat's Latest Char Siew Rice @ Lakefields, Sungei Besi KL

4:27:00 PM

This is it guys, probably the best char siew rice in KL. Sure, it may not compete with some of the older eateries in KL, but it certainly is one of the best tasting ones I've had. 

Unlike most char siew these days, Buns & Meat's variant is done the maximum. That is maximum flavour and fat, oozing from the delicately sliced pork. It's also slightly sweet, which is a great compliment to the chilli on the side. 

It's also incredibly tender and melting-in-your mouth.

Served with a side of egg and kailan, this dish of only RM9.90 (with 1 green tea) is certainly the most affordable. Absolutely fantastic. 

Moving on, they've also recently launched the Wat Tan Hor, which is Cantonese Fry in English. 

It may look simple from afar, but trust me, there are much to be discovered beneath this plate. 

Oh, it also comes with a side of spicy Thai sauce, which amazingly, works really well with the noodles and gravy!

For one, the prawns are HUGE! Bigger than I've ever seen, especially with most restaurants cutting costs lately, all I've been getting are shrimps, if not scraps. This here is full-fledged prawns! There's also a generous portion of squid, sliced pork and vege!

Now beneath all that, is a fried egg. As simple as it may sound, the flavour of the eggs, after being fried with the noodles gives it a really smoky aroma which packs in flavour and a unique texture as well. That shit right there is what made the whole dish complete.

It certainly is one of the best Wat Tan Hor in KL that I've tasted!

Absolutely delicious - definitely a must try. However, the price is fairly steep at roughly RM15/17, I can't remember. But for what it's worth, it definitely affordable for me!


72A Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lake Fields Sungei Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: Daily 5pm - 12am

Tel: 03-9055 3378

FB: https://www.facebook.com/BunsAndMeat/?fref=ts

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