Burger & Lobster @ SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands

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Asia's first Burger & Lobster is now opened at SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands! Yes, that's right. UK's most popular lobster chain has finally landed in Malaysia, and it's the first amongst asia. So it's safe to say that we're pretty lucky. Now, how does it fair up against its UK counterpart? 

You can locate Burger & Lobster easily as they are the ones with the longest queue. Fortunately, these 2 ladies are there to contain the hyped-out crowd.

When it comes to Burger & Lobster, it is without a doubt that we should definitely go for either one of them first before anything else. 

Wild Live Lobsters - The Original (Grilled) - RM138/153 (member/non-member)

Kickstarting with the standard grilled live lobster with a side of fries, salad and their signature Lemon & Garlic butter. Lobster is incredibly fresh and grilled to tender and juicy perfection. On top of that, the flesh comes off as a whole, making the entire experience undeniably memorable. 

The shells are also fairly easy to crack, though it might need some work. 

Wild Live Lobsters - The Original (Steamed) - RM138/153 (member/non-member)

For those that wants something a little juicier, then go for the steamed variant. It still packs in the same amount of flavour, just with a little more explosion of moisture from within. Personally, I enjoyed the steamed variant more. 

The B&L Burger - RM138/153 (member/non-member)

Next up, a Burger & Lobster signature - the B&L Burger. It literally is what it means. 168g of 100% pure ground beef patty topped with generous chunk of lobster meat, finished with tangy mayo and charcoal sesame seed buns. 

I had mine medium rare and as you can see, it was done perfectly. To make things better, the patty was incredibly well seasoned and was packed full of flavour. It's also really juicy and the entire bite was pleasant throughout. Though it may be an issue for those with smaller mouth, I certainly did enjoy it. 

Easily, it's one of the best burger that I've had in KL. 

Lobster Roll (Seven Samurai) - RM95/105

As for the lobster roll, there are 3 different flavours. I chose the Seven Samurai due to its blend of spices, perfuming the dish and giving it that hint of flavour. The toasted brioche roll itself was incredibly buttery and soft, while the lobster within was both juicy and flavourful. 

One certainly wasn't enough!

Wild Live Lobster - Chilli Lobster - RM158/173 (member/non-member)

I'm not too sure if this is only available in Malaysia, but it really did taste a lot like chilli crab. It had the same essence of spice, but slightly spicier and a lot more flavourful in comparison to those in a regular seafood restaurant. The lobster of course was extremely fresh and plump while the sauce was great for a dip with the toasted brioche on the side. 

In terms of drinks, there were plenty of delectable alcoholic beverages. I'm not too sure to what this was cold, but it certainly was my favourite. It has a nice tang while being sweet and smooth. 

Overall, is Burger & Lobster worth it? Definitely. The price is affordable if you're comparing amongst the prices in Genting. After all, a lobster here in KL will cost you about the same price and it might not even be fresh. 

So yeah, I'd highly recommend it, but do be warned that the line is insane! 


Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Pahang, Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 11am - 10pm

Tel: 03-6105 9186

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