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Let us give the year 2017 or rather, the year of the Fire Rooster a warm welcome! And as part of the tradition, it is crucial for us to enjoy a good Yee Sang before the actual Chinese New Year. There is without a doubt, hundreds of Chinese restaurant around and each one of them have their own unique factor - but what about Genting Palace Chinese Restaurant?

For one, you'll be celebrating your Chinese New Year high above the mountains. Not to mention the casino is just right across Genting Palace, which means a possibility to recover the cost of the meal! 

Prosperous Japanese Tuna Yee Sang

Anyway, like any Chinese New Year set menu, you'll always start with the Yee Sang. In this case, it's shaped like a cock. 

Instead of salmon, they opt for tuna instead. Personally, I liked them as I enjoy tuna more than salmon. Secondly, the sauce - the acidity and vibrancy of which binds everything together was absolutely fantastic.

In short, it's a pretty good serving of Yee Sang! 

Double-boiled Dried Seafood & Abalone Treasure Pottage

Next up, one of my all time favourite soups - Double-boiled Dried Seafood & Abalone Treasure Pottage. Packed with flavour, aroma and a concoction of scallops, cordyceps and abalone. The soup was incredibly flavourful and addictive - I simply wished that I had another. 

Marinated Royal Mountain Chicken in Fine Soy Sauce

I'm not a big fan of chicken in Chinese restaurant, but I will say that the skin was done quite nicely. It's glistening and nicely salted, along with a good amount of fat and oil to coat the chicken. The chicken however, was firmer than what I'd liked it to be. 

Steamed River Marble Goby with Crispy Ginger

Now this is what we're talking about - fish! A beautifully steamed River Marble Goby doused in soy sauce and topped with a whole load of crispy ginger. The fish was firm and flaky, tender and moist. It's a hearty dish that I'd expect from every Chinese New Year set menu. 

Stewed Sea Cucumber with Goose Feet

It certainly was a weird sight at first, but overtime, I knew it was sea cucumber and I love sea cucumber. I love how jiggly and soft it is. I also love the fact that I don't have to chew much. 

Similar, the sea cucumber here was done to perfection. It is then filled with a concoction of nuts and vegetables that gives it a little more bite. The veggies was also cooked perfectly but the goose feet was a little weird. 

Pan-fried Marmite Prawns

A gorgeous servings of huge prawns cooked marmite-style. Juicy, plump and fresh. It's simple, it's annoying to peel with chopsticks but ultimately, it's delicious. 

Golden Sweet Corn Fried Rice with Waxed Meat

After all these years, I don't really know the reason behind putting the rice as one of the last dish but hey, it's tradition. Anyway, the rice had a nice fragrance to it and the portion is incredibly huge. It's also a little saltier than I'd like, but still good nonetheless. Oh, the waxed meat was great - loved that one!

White Fungus Soup

 For dessert, we had a refreshing serving of white fungus soup - the ice version. It's sweet, it's light and it's really pleasant. I really liked it and went for seconds. 

Pineapple Tarts

Now I'm not such a fan of pineapple tarts but this was done exceptionally well. The crust was both flaky and firm, with just the right amount of density. Inside, you'll get a really nice, sweet and tangy pineapple filling that is just bursting with flavour. Overall, this is the first time I had 2 pineapple tarts. 

In conclusion, the food itself was absolutely delightful. Sure there were some points where they can improve on but overall, it's pretty solid. This Chinese New Year Set costs RM1,788 for a total of 10 person. Don't worry, it can actually feed more than 10!

There are also various sets available, each with its own pricing and choices of items. Depending on what you and your family like most, you can probably consult them for the best set to have. The Yee Sang is also available in a variety of options - even additional add ons like caviar, jellyfish, abalone, lobster are available!

You can enjoy this when you dine in at Genting Palace (Level 2, Genting Grand), Seasons (Lobby Floor, Genting Grand), Imperial Rama (Level 2, Maxims), Good Friends Restaurant (Level 2, Maxims), Ming Ren (Level 2, Maxims), e18hteen Inspired Dining (18th Floor, Maxims), and Resort Seafood Steamboat (Level 2, Resort Hotel).

Yee Sang will be available till 11th of February 2017.

Pineapple tarts are sold in containers as well! I do recommend them as they were really good!

Pineapple tarts are also available from now till 11th February 2017

For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit

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