myBurgerlab's New Menu 2016! @ Seapark, SS21

8:47:00 PM

myBurgerlab has always been the comfort zone of burgers, where occasionally I will drop by just to satisfy my beefy craving. Though recently I've been going back a little too much, but hey, it's not a bad thing right? Anyway, they've recently (3 weeks ago, I think), launched something new! Here it is....


Yes, the almighty and glorious nachos, topped with homemade salsa, minced meat, Siracha, homemade cheese sauce and finished with chopped jalepenos. It's both crispy, chewy and flavoursome. Though I'd prefer mine a little more spicy - perhaps a touch more Siracha and jalepenos.

I can't recall what this is, but I do know one thing for sure is that this dish works great if I'm drunk. The sheer richness of the meatballs, along with all that gravy, cheese, homemade jam and fries makes it really filling yet addictive. Inspired from Ikea meatballs, this dish comes highly recommended from me, even if you're not drunk. 


Something aside from soft drinks to quench your thirst. A refreshing blend of 7 up, lime and fresh bay leaf makes this drink differ slightly from the regular lemonade. 

Of course, the meal wouldn't be complete without some amazing burgers now wouldn't it? I went for an order of Say Cheese ^2 - where they doubled everything from the cheese to the patty, making it a really huge burger that I struggled to finish. The other 2 orders were the Ultraman 3.0 and a Kick in the Face. Lovely - as usual! 

So there you have it! myBurgerlab's latest creation - definitely worth trying out! 


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