Kuroba Cafe - A AJapanese and Western Fusion (Revisit) @ Setia Alam

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If you're in Setia Alam and you're unsure of what to have for lunch or dinner, then head on over to Kuroba Cafe as they offer a wide range of homey Japanese fusion dishes. Everything here is as fresh and healthy as it gets as they use premium and quality produce. The cafe is also incredibly spacious that comfort  is definitely not an issue.

Apart from all that, this is what Kuroba Cafe had come out with for their new menu.

Sake Chicken - RM12.90

At first sight, it may seem a little boring and bland but wait till you actually get a taste of it. The chicken is steamed in a wrap for hours, allowing it to absorb those quality sake flavours into the meat. The use of Shimeji mushrooms, leek and ginger is absolutely fantastic. 

The flavours are well developed and they worked with one another, creating a harmonious taste profile that even kids might enjoy!

Overall, this dish is not only tasty, it's incredibly affordable as well. The only downside is, only 20 servings will be given a day - 10 in the morning and 10 in the evening. It is currently the one and only type of sake chicken in Klang Valley, so be quick!

Curry Meatballs - RM17.90

Getting bored of the standard katsu curry chicken but still insists on the taste of Japanese curry? Well, why not go for Kuroba Cafe's variant of the classi curry rice? It comes with a generous amount handmade pork balls, deep fried to crusty perfection and served alongside a good load of delicious curry. The curry is also made with their own recipe instead of packet powder or anything of that sort. 

Rice is fluffy, light and generous - what's not to love? Overall, lovely flavour, hearty feeling. 

Salmon Onigiri - RM13.90

Not feeling extremely hungry but just looking for something healthy and light to bite on? Well, Kuroba Cafe's salmon onigiri is definitely one worth trying out. Generous amount of salmon flakes and dried salmon are incorporated to the onigiri, along with fluffy rice and seaweed, making it fairly healthy but most importantly, delicious. It has decent amount of flavour and the salad on the side with homemade roasted sesame sauce is nice.

Pork Croquette

 Though the look of simplicity, these little cutlets of croquette is actually pretty good. Inside, you'll find a fair bit of pork chunks, potatoes and onions, making up the entire croquette. The crust is crispy and addictive while internally, it's incredibly soft and moist. 

Raindrop Cake - RM6.90

Last but not least, the current trending dessert - Raindrop Cake. I know there are quite a number of raindrop cakes available out there, but Kuroba Cafe's variant flares well above the rest. The raindrop cake itself is bouncy, translucent and incredibly addictive. It is paired with Japanese roasted soy flour and a good dose of brown sugar syrup. Combining them all together gives that really nice texture and flavour that I simply enjoy. 

All and all, Kuroba Cafe has definitely more to offer than they did before. With their latest Sake Chicken and raindrop cake, these two are solid reasons to visit. So if you're in the mood for some homey Japanese food, why not hop over to Kuroba Cafe today? 


7-1-2 ,Jalan Setia Prima (D) U13/D,Setia Alam Seksyen U13, 40170 Shah Alam, Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 10am-10pm.

Tel: 0333412370

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