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It truly has been quite a long time since I've last updated about my Korea trip as I was quite busy. Anyway, I'm back now again and here is Day 5 of my 2016 Korea escape, where I spend the whole day in Lotte World!

To get to Lotte World, all you need to do is find your way to Jamsil Station (green line). For me it was quite simple as my departing station has multiple lines, which gives me access to the direct line to Jamsil. From there, it's pretty much a 3-5 minutes walk to the underground entrance of Lotte World. 

At the counter of Lotte World's indoor theme park. Gotta pay my shit before going in. The general admission ticket will cost about KRW31,000 but with your passport, you're entitled to a special discount, which makes it KRW24,000 (RM80 +/-). So do remember to bring your passport!

After that, we proceeded to Underwear, a land of hopes and dreams.

Apparently, this is the world's largest indoor theme park. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but it is massive from what I can see. It sort of have that Disneyland vibe (thought I've never been there before, this somehow feels like it). They have their own special characters and the theme indoors is pretty nice.

Most of the indoor rides here are for kids, probably around the age of 5-16? Not that sure but they certainly weren't very exciting. It's fun to look at, but definitely not thrilling.

Lockers, just incase anyone needs them. But don't bother as most of the rides allow you to bring your bag with.

This is us queuing for the pirate ship.

Once we're done with the indoor theme park, we went out. Thank God. Finally, something a lot more fun and exciting as I can hear random strangers shouting from one end to another. 

Chinese eyes just because.

This was our first ride, and is probably among the most fun ones. You can latched onto a shuttle where they only lock onto your legs while your body is free, prepped and launched. The speed is phenomenal and the turnings to make your legs sore. But overall, it was awesome!

Oh, this has a minimum wait of 45 minutes.

Next up, Gyro Swing! You pretty much sit in a circle and get toss around like a pendulum swing. I don't remember it being a 360 turn, but where you sit, it will be spinning as well. This was awesomely fun on the first few seconds, but will get a bit tiresome nearing the end. The best part is when the swing is at the peak, which gives you a nice overview of the Lotte World from a different angle.

This particular ride also requires a minimum of 30 minutes wait. 

Hot dogs for lunch. Not exactly what I'd expect but yeah...

Bumper cars! Because what's not to love about banging someone or a bunch of people? The wait for this is horrendous and the place itself is quite tight. Each round is roughly 3 minutes but the waiting period is close to an hour! Still fun though. I wished the track was a little bigger.

That's the Lotte Tower right next to the castle.


I do not know what this is called, but it's like spinning disc on a curve plate. Not to most exciting but certainly fun. Waited no more than 30 minutes for this, which is great cause this can be considered as the fastest one. Oh yes, you can also bring your bags up and have them placed between your thighs.

Last but not least, the Comet Express! This was the epic finale. Though I can't seem to take photos on the inside, the queue here will bring you down underground. I can't really explain much on it, but you'll be seated on a line of chairs where they turn 360. It will then be shot at high speed, going through dark tunnels while your chair rotates, giving you the view of the galaxy. Similar to how a comet goes through space. Very interesting concept and a great way to end Lotte World.

This was definitely an hour wait. 

All and all, I've only gone through 6 rides, 5 of which are shown here. The other one is similar to our Genting Selero Shot but in reversed. You'll pretty much be brought up till the peak, set for a moment and dropped instantly. The feeling was fairly intense but the view of absolutely beautiful. I got to see the vast area of Lotte World and it's surrounding cherry blossoms!

Exiting Lotte World.

Going through the park, taking a breezily walk while staring at people who takes selfie from a weird angle.

After which I've stopped by Lotte Mart and behold, a haven for salad lovers! Look at all that greens! Shit if that was in Malaysia and it didn't cost me two kidneys and my heart, I would totally buy them everyday.

Look at all these meat! Look at the marbilization! 

At the end of the day, we went back to Konkuk University Station and had BBQ buffet.

It was the cheapest one around, priced at KRW11,000 (RM35 +/0) per person excluding soju. That is incredibly affordable as their variants of meat and vegetables were pretty good. So far, no complains there. 

Our last walk after dinner, because those fats need to go somewhere else. Hence we took a stroll around the area and went back about an hour later.

Korea Day 5

8.30am - Left AirBnB to Jamsil Station
9.30am - Arrival at Jamsil Station
10am - Bought Tickets to Lotte World
5pm - Left Lotte World Theme Park
6pm - Left Jamsil Station to Konkuk University Station
7pm - Dinner at Konkuk University Station area
10pm - Left Konkuk to AirBnB

*Disclaimer: All photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge without any further editing.

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