Ten Years Restaurant @ Evolve Mall, Ara Damansara

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Ten Years Restaurant is about acquiring all the signature dishes of Malaysia and having them compiled and served in one place. That I believe, is the concept and aim of Ten Years Restaurant. Be it the best char kuey teow, or perhaps the most awesome rojak from Penang, they have it all. This is their second outlet as far as I know, and I believe the first one is located in Sri Petaling. 

So yes, how do Ten Years Restaurant's range of Malaysian cuisine flares against the rest? 

The entrance.

Starting off with some sodas.

Kak Yati Nasi Lemak - RM18.90

Starting off strong with Kak Yati's nasi lemak which comprises of a beautifully marinated a fried chicken thigh, homemade acar, spicy-sweet sambal, chicken satay, anchovies, peanuts, eggs and rice. In terms of its flavour, everything was well great. Balanced with hints of spiciness, saltiness, sweetness and acidity from all the elements. 

Tiger Char Kuey Teow - RM13.90

Next up, Tiger's Char Kuey Teow. Originated from the streets of Penang, this plate of char kuey teow has a history of over 60 years. The flavours were great and the noodles were done soft but firm. Lots of eggs, shredded chicken and prawns give it that added richness, alongside beansprout for some crunch.

T & T Prawn Mee - RM14.90

Similarly, this bowl of T & T Prawn Mee originates from the island up north - Penang. What I like about this bowl of noodles is simply the fact that the flavours had a depth, which many of the other restaurants lack. The amount of sides such as eggs, tofu, beancurd, fishcakes and prawns too were generous, which gave the dish an added point for how much it's worth. 

Nancy Nyonya Laksa - RM16.90

What may look like a bowl of curry mee isn't as simple as it looks. With a history of 20 years, passed across 3 generations, Nancy Nyonya Laksa has been one of the best selling laksas in Melaka. It's rich with the essence of coconut milk and well blended spices, along with noodles cooked perfectly. 

Shun Fa Chicken Rice - RM16.90

It may sound weird coming from me but I was never a big fan of chicken rice - especially when it comes to those hawker stall types. I would much prefer duck or roasted pork, which the same stall would offer. 

However, I personally find that this particular plate of chicken rice was undeniably lovely. The chicken was steamed nicely with Chinese herbs, giving it a subtle but noticeable undertone of flavour, alongside 3 different dipping sauce. The rice was also nicely oiled and served with a side of braised tofu, eggs, and soup. 

Kak Tum Nasi Kunyit - RM19.90

Kak Tum's Nasi Kunyit is another great dish offered at Ten Years Restaurant. This unassuming dish packs in a whole lot of flavour, especially from the chicken swimming in a sweet and spicy sauce. Not only were those chicken tender and juicy, they were also a great compliment to the cumin rice! 

Abu Pasembur Indian Rojak

I really do enjoy rojak and I especially love those with plenty of shredded vegetables, fruits and a spicy-dark sauce. Abu Pasembur's Indian Rojak has it all. Not only was it flavourful, it had an enjoyable crunch from all the various ingredients within. There's also that soft and crispy cake, which I do not know what they're called. Overall, one of the best rojaks in town. 

Overall, I believe that Ten Years Restaurant has what it takes to keep up with traditional recipes loved by many. And I'll be honest, the price isn't exactly the cheapest, but if you're in a mall looking for some good ol' Malaysian cuisine, Ten Years Restaurant should be on the top of your list. The portion in which they come in too are fairly large, so do not worry so much on the price. 


Address: G08, Ground Floor, Evolve Concept Mall, Jalan PJU 1A/4, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours: Daily 10am-10pm

Tel: 03-78310996

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  1. The rich history behind each dish, such as Kak Yati's Nasi Lemak and Nancy Nyonya Laksa, adds a delightful depth to the dining experience. With generous portions and a prime mall location, it's a top choice for those craving authentic Malaysian cuisine.