Mission - #THE21DAYMISSION Get Fit & Healthy Challenge

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Eating has always been my hobby. The thought of different flavours coming together as one, followed by a sense of touch when it hits the tip of my tongue, chewing it and finally, swallowing is probably one of the most satisfying feeling ever. The complete cycle, excluding the bowel movements, has always been a joy to have. 

Lately, I've been eating a whole lot, from traveling to different countries, trying out different cuisines to my daily intake of fats and whatnot, I believe it's time for a change. And that change starts with Mission's #The21DayMission of kickstarting a healthy habit. 

If you have not known, Mission is a Mexican that has recently entered the Malaysian market, offering a wide range of tortilla-based product that is certified Halal. That includes nacho chips (one of their most popular) and wraps, both of which are a joy to have. 

A short briefing by the MC, CEO Malaysia, Celebrity Nutritionist Alexandra Prabaharan and Fitness Guru Dave Nuku.

The idea of the #The21DayMission is not exactly to lose weight per se, but it is a stepping stone to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is said that 21 days are required to create a habit, in which this challenge is to instil both the habits of eating healthy and exercising. 

A short demonstration on how to exercise without the needs of gym equipment. All you need is pretty much just motivation and a yoga mat. All these info and tricks can be found by subscribing to their #The21DayMission challenge here Mission #The21DayMission

Some simple recipes with the use of Mission Wraps needs no longer than 5-10 minutes per dish. Simple, healthy and ultimately delicious. Like the tips on working out, the recipes can also be found by subscribing here #The21DayMission. Simply fill in the form and receive exclusive content how to manage a healthier lifestyle. 

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  1. With delicious and quick recipes using Mission Wraps, coupled with accessible home workouts, it's a holistic approach to a satisfying and nutritious lifestyle.

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