Tanoshii Dezato - A true Japanese classic dessert @ Tropicana City Mall, PJ

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Desserts has always been something to look forward after a hearty meal. However, the recent craze for waffles, pancakes and various other 'dessert-snacks' has made each order a complete meal. So having a serving of waffles for example, is usually enough to fill a person up. 

Similarly, Tanoshii Dezato's range of Japanese Taiyaki (fish-like cake with various stuffing) too can be considered as a meal of its own. Located in Tropicana City Mall, with the second outlet bound to open in Da Men USJ, Tanoshii Dezato is currently the only authentic Japanese Taiyaki dessert available in Malaysia. 

tanoshii dezato taiyaki

Tanoshii Dezato's signature series. 

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The procedure is fairly simple and the average wait time is about 8 minutes or so. This is because almost everything has to be done from scratch, excluding the batter of course as it's done beforehand. Similar to Japanese takoyaki, batter will be poured into the grill pan and topped with your choice of filling. 

Choose from a variety of red bean, custard, matcha, chocolate, caramel almond, oreo crunch and chocolate banana filling, with half of them being imported directly from Japan. 

The type of flour used in creating the batter too is imported, along with some of the ice creams. The only thing that is sourced locally would be the fruits. 

Once that is done, additional trimmings will be done in order to make it look a whole lot better and will be air-dried for a few seconds to reduce the temperature. Finally, a scoop of ice cream of your choice would be added and voila, it's done. 

tanoshii dezato taiyaki

Signature Series - Matcha Ice Cream + Strawberry + Azuki Read Bean - RM12.80

For those who are lazy to customize your own, you can simply pick from the 3 available signature series, where the combination is set and is guaranteed to taste amazing. This was one of which I've had, the Signature Series No.1. 

Apart from the rather spot on Matcha ice cream, the 'fish casement' or 'Taiyaki' too was really addictive. It had a crunchy exterior while maintaining a soft and chewy core, mixed with the ice cream and azuki, it had a nice balance of hot and cool to say the least. Not forgetting the good play of texture with the 'Taiyaki' itself. 

tanoshii dezato taiyaki

One of the ways of eating it is definitely to start with the chocolate waffle stick, followed by the fruits and only after that, using the stick and slowly pushing the ice cream to the center of the 'Taiyaki'. By doing so, you're incorporating the ice cream into the core of the 'Taiyaki', which gives it its unique characteristics. 

tanoshii dezato taiyaki

Custom series - Vanilla + Kiwi + Custard - RM12.80

This was my choice on the custom series, where you can pick the type of filling, ice cream and fruits. Fairly straight-forward and definitely worth the price. 

tanoshii dezato taiyaki

It may look as if the 'fish' is splurting out a good amount of dough, but hey, it's really good! Here I was trying to use the skewer stick, slowly and steadily trying to push the ice cream inside. 

Similarly, the imported vanilla ice cream was much milkier than usual, while it resembles the texture similar to a gelato - stickly and stretchy. Which in any case, is a good thing because it has to stick to the mouth of the taiyaki. The custard filling chosen in this custom series too was more than decent as the richness of it really comes through when you reach the bottom of the taiyaki. The smooth and velvety blend worked wonders with the crispy and chewy taiyaki, alongside icy-cool vanilla ice cream. 

tanoshii dezato taiyaki 2

All and all, despite Tanoshii Dezato having a rather limited menu, the focus, taste and concept is definitely there. Bringing in classics from Japan, the Taiyaki offered at Tanoshii Dezato is definitely worth trying out. Heck, get a few and share with friends just to try out their range of imported ice cream and fillings. 

Also, like I've mentioned before, Tanoshii Dezato will be opening its second outlet in Da Men, USJ, right beside The Summit shopping mall. So, do look forward to there fellow Subangites! 


LG-K11 Tropicana City Mall, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 10am-10pm

Tel: 0 3-7731 8830

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