How to Screw Up Beautifully Painted Art - Alive 3D Art Gallery @ Port Dickson

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What better way to spoil a perfect good artwork with some nonsensical posing? To be fair, I am not a photo person and I'll try to minimize the number of times I would have to appear in a photo. That is excluding some of the formal events and what not. 

However, as odd as it may sound, when I arrive at the Alive 3D Art Gallery in Port Dickson on a one-day trip, I just knew I had to make it worth my while. With that in mind, I proceed onto trying to come up with the stupidest, if not horrible way to take photos with these amazing artworks. Do bare in mind that most of what you'll see is a perspective painting, with some distortion due to my failed-cameraman friend haha. 

The entrance of Alive 3D Art Gallery. 

Finding the place is really easy as it's accessible through Waze or Google Maps. Driving down to Port Dickson too was a breeze as the traffic was fairly clear and it was a straight road ahead. Upon arriving, you'll be greeted by this huge-ass frontage that has an incredibly small King Kong by the top left corner and a surprisingly huge lizard right above the signage. 

So without further ado, here are some of the photos I've taken.

Beginning with the false-perspective cube, where on the left, you'll be seem as a much larger person compared to those on the right. 

Backwards riding bull!

Pretending to be a panda and well, me on the second photo trying to go in reverse.

Trying to drink seawater (I do not know why) from the tilting photo. 

This photo may look really wrong to some people, but hey, it looks awesome! To be fair, the painting was done exceptionally well, 

Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp in the center, while we try to eat false cakes on the table. 

Because lets make a Madagascar pie, why not? Bomb it all to pieces!

Self-consciousness kicking in. 

If you've watch Avatar, the one by James Cameron, not the horrible one by M Night Shamalan, you might just remember this scene. Of course, I would have preferred if it was a painting of Toruk Moktha, the red wyvern but this isn't bad too.  

I remember this being in a video where all the animals are inflated like a balloon, bouncing around and rolling in the deep. One of the scenes was a cheetah trying to chase its prey while bouncing around looking much like an idiot. 


Practicing the art of Kung Fu Panda - where food is more important than training. 

Feeding the fish some Samsung Galaxy S4.

This is rather creepy, where Monalisa can be seen as a whole. Pretty cool to say the least. 

What's under the skirt? *Wink*

I have to say that this artwork in particular was absolutely brilliant. WIth the help of the spotlight above, it has created a sort of "glass-like" barrier around the bottle. Not to mention this is the first thing you'll see when you enter the 'glow-in-the-dark' section.

Beautiful photo (excluding me trying to ride the whale of course)

Relaxing by the moon. 

Fish head? Nahh, my head for dinner, with some fruits on the side and King Kong by my back.

Being Chris Patt for a day isn't so bad.

Draw me like one of your French girls (Transformers edition)

"No Goliath, you shall not eat me alive for I am full of bones and no meat" - Pancake Chin.

The collapsing wall of China, with a rather amazing lava at the bottom of the pit.

Indiana Jones and the Two Asians.

Indiana Jones and the Asian Immigrants.

Because time is all we need.

How I wish those were real. I would be living my life in Switzerland having cheese fondue every breakfast until I succumb to gout or any form of heart diseases . 

I think I'm a little tall for this photo as the pair of wings seem to originate from my ass.

It is funny how almost every photo possible, I will be the one either dead or laying down. 

A vault behind a painting filled with gold coins and bars. If only. 

Kelly Slater Pro Surfer 2.0 Asian Edition.

Scratchy scratch my dear dolphin.

Asians of the Caribbeans. 

A love for climbing the impossible. 

Another failed false perspective. As it's meant for the base of where I'm laying on to sit above the metal cube, replicating a chair. But oh wells. 


I personally think that the artwork for this particular piece was simply beautiful. Of course, my dead head over there doesn't improve the quality and aesthetics of it but damn it's a good photo.

Go on, chase after Najib!

That is pretty much a summary of Alive 3D Art Gallery in Port Dickson. There are more than 50 available artworks at your perusal so spending at least a few hours here would be necessary. It's great for a day trip when you can go by the beach in the morning and just when the afternoon sun is about to glare, hop over here and perform whatever it is necessary. 

Also, upon exiting, there will be a small booth offering photos taken within the Alive 3D Art Gallery to be printed on miscellaneous items for souvenir. T shirts, cups, photo frame, badges, so on and so forth. You might be wondering how do they get all these photos? 

Simple, you can request for a personal assistant to help you take some photos along the way. With that in mind, they will also be using their set of camera to produce these souvenirs. 

Artworks in a form of magnets and teddy bears.

Just incase you need a snack. 

In conclusion, the Alive 3D Art Gallery is quite a fun place to be, especially when you come with a group of friends trying to defy how normal people take photos. The place is rather massive as it's 3-storeys tall, so it will feel like a short workout, especially when it comes to posing and what-not. The idea is simple, straight-forward and fairly easy to catch. 

Guides will be provided as to where is the right angle to take the photo and so on. I do recommend getting a good camera, or rather, one with good low-light condition as the place is rather dark. Phones like iPhones equivalent should work fine as well. 


No.38-40, Jalan DS2/1 Bandar Dataran Segar, 71010 Lukut, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

(Searchable as Alive 3D Art Gallery on Waze)

Operating hours: 

Mon - Fri : 11am - 11pm
Sat - Sun / Public Holiday : 10am - 11pm

Tel: 06-6515 400

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