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The idea of waffles has been sprouting around Klang Valley like China without their ever-so-famous one-child policy. Madame Waffle too isn't very new to the market, but relatively fresh in comparison to most. Despite that, Madame Waffle has garnished the attention of many with their zen outlook kiosk, cute waffles and eye-catching presentation. 

Kafu Waffle (Waffle in a cup)

Flat White & Dark Chocolate Mocha

Starting off the session with some hot drinks, made with their blend of imported Japanese beans. The idea and taste were fairly simple as they both possessed a smooth and rich taste. 

Ice Blended Matcha & Ice Blended Chocolate Chip

For those who prefer something a little colder, do go for their ice blended series of match and chocolate chip. Among the two, I really enjoyed the matcha as it has a richer depth of flavour compared to the chocolate. Made with imported Japanese green tea, quality and taste are two of the expected elements. 

Banana Nutella

As for the waffles, the signature dine-in Banana Nutella was the first to arrive. Combining two of the world's most popular items, banana and Nutella, this dish was simply addictive to say the least. The richness of the Nutella paired really well with the smooth and velvety bananas while the chocolate ice cream and whipped cream too added that level of depth and dimension to both the taste and overall bite. 

Triple Chocolate Bomb

Followed by Osama Bin Laden's favourite weapon, the Triple Chocolate Bomb. Done with a concoction of dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate. Additional praline and chocolate rolls, strawberries and blueberries along with crushed flakes are topped to increase the value of texture,bite and of course, flavour. 

This plate of dessert was a little sweeter than the rest, so for those who has sweet tooth or simply enjoy sweets in general, this is the one for you. 

Tiramisu Waffle 

And for something a little less extravagant, the Tiramisu Waffle is definitely worth the try. Done with their signature plain belgian waffle along with a smooth and rich tiramisu cream, dusted with coco powder and icing sugar and finished with strawberries on the side. Simple, sweet and delicious. 

Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Warning, this set of waffle is for those who can accept a little savoury edge to a sweet waffle. The sea salt is fairly obvious as it's spread out evenly across the surface of the waffle. Fortunately, the chocolate sauce and nuts were there to help balanced out the flavour. It's still fairly simple but the additional sea salt does make a difference. 

Kafu Waffle (Waffle in a cup)
1. Happy Tiramisu
2. Matcha Waffle Parfait
3. Chocomatte (a pun for Chotomatte, which means 'stop' or 'hang-on' in Japanese)

The Kafu Waffle series is the newest addition the family of Madame Waffle. It features Madame Waffle's signature belgian waffles cut into strips and served with your favourite range of ice cream and topped with relevant toppings and fruits. The flavour and quality is identical to what you can normally have, but this allows customer to do a take-away, which is far more portable and convenient.

Finally, the assorted and classic belgian waffle that Madame Waffle is famous for. All 6 different flavours packed into a handy container, perfect for gift giving or self indulgence. 

In short, if you're looking for a quick and easy place to satisfy that sweet cravings of yours, do hop over to Madame Waffle for an instant fix. Apart from that, something a little more luxurious such as the Banana Nutella and Triple Chocolate Bomb too are available and is recommended to be shared among family and friends. 

The humble set-up of Madame Waffle in Midvalley too is rather simple and cozy, which makes the dining in experience a whole lot better. Do not forget to try out some of their coffees as well! 

PS: They are also currently having a 1-year-old contest where you stand a chance to win a iPad Mini 2! Do visit Madame Waffle Facebook Page for more information.


T-045, Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall 59200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 10am-10pm

Tel: 03 2202 0299

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