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Heritage is one of the key elements in Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine, located in Menara TA, right opposite KLCC as the restaurant is celebrating its 15th year anniversary this year. Finding the place may not be easy but a simple search on Google Maps shall lead you directly to the place. As of today, the place around it is still under construction, so do look out for the tiny entrance to the carpark. Another method would be to park in KLCC and simply walk over, that would be much easier as the parking rates are similar. 

Onto Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine, the design of the place looks very identical to many other Japanese restaurant with the constant use of timber and warm lighting. The tables are set to be rather generous as well as the chairs which are really comfortable. 

The entrance of Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine.

As you can see, bottles of sake are placed almost everywhere within the restaurant, whenever there are shelves available. 

Ozeki 10 Kinds Appetizer -  Price according to items availabe on that day

  • Kimpira Gobou - Pan Fried Burdock Root
  • Maguro Kakuni - Blue Fin Tuna Simmered in Soy Sauce
  • Koebi Karaage - Deep Fried Small Shrimp in Mustard Sauce
  • Maitake Ohitashi - Flower Mushroom Seasoned in Mustard Sauce
  • Potato Salad & Kyuri Mayo - Japanese Style Mashed Potato & Cucumber Slice 
  • Edamame - Boiled Green Soy Bean 
  • Pirikara Konyaku - Simmered Spicy Japanese Yam Pudding
  • Nasu Sumibiyaki - Charcoal Grill Eggplant with Bonito Flakes
  • Iidako Garlic Sautee - Pan Fried Baby Octopus with Garlic Onion Soy Sauce
  • Nankatsu Karaage - Deep Fried Spicy Chicken Soft Bone

These are the 10 items that were served on that day due to its availability. The option is almost limitless as you'll be served with a different set of appetizers daily. The price too will range accordingly, but will most likely around RM70-80 per set of 10. Everything on the platter will definitely excite your palate, allowing it to prepare itself for what is to come. 

Sashimi Moriawase - RM220

Being one of the pioneer of Japanese cuisine here in Malaysia, Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine excels in their range of sashimi. Kilos of fish are air-flown twice a week, to maintain its freshness and taste, directly from different parts of the world. Apart from the standard salmon, tuna and yellowtail, something a little more special such as shrimp, sea-urchin and scallop are available as well. 

Freshness is the key to a good serving of sashimi and they have undeniably nailed that. Perfectly cut with just the right thickness, coupled with air-flown freshness, the sashimi literally melts in your mouth, slowly and beautifully. This is definitely something to order when you're at Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine.

Sushi Matsu - RM180

Similarly, the sushi too has the same qualities and principles as the sashimi. The slices of raw seafood are fresh, while the rice, being the heart and soul of a sushi, made it absolutely divine. Unlike most Japanese restaurant, the chef will tweak the taste of the rice subtlely, according to the weather of the day. If it's hot and humid, the saltier the rice will get and vice-versa. Of course, this is really subtle but it does make a difference. 

Mini Tomato Garlic Miso Sautee - RM18

If you're looking for an explosion of flavour, this is definitely worth ordering. It felt as if each of these little bombs are infused with a rich amount of garlic miso right into the core, while waiting for its victim to take a bite. Beautifully done and absolutely delightful. 

Escargot Garlic Butter Yaki - RM28

A simple appetizer, with sliced baguette and a delicious pesto-escargot spread. There was a rich depth of flavour, which is hard to achieve with pesto and escargot, especially in a Japanese restaurant.

Kaki Shungiku Salad - Market Price

This plate of appetizer or rather, salad is a form of accumulation of seasoned vegetables from Japan. On this plate itself, we have Chrysanthemum leaves, white turnip (kabu), persimmon, smoke duck dressed with Yuzu and coriander paste. It's light, fresh and absolutely refreshing. 

Ankimo Tai Roll Mizuna Salad - Market Price

Another salad that is special within the Japanese culture, Monkfish liver with snapper fish and Kyoto's Mizuna leaf salad dressed with Yuzu. 

Foie Gras - RM48

The Foie Gras served in Ozeki Japanese Restaurant is fairly simple as it's done with a special homemade teriyaki sauce on a bed on vegetables. Soft, melts-in-your-mouth and packed with a good amount of sweetness and oomph. Half a piece of the Foie Gras would certainly give you that kick that you seek. 

Buri Kama Ikura Meshi - RM80

The dish itself may seem unassuming but the flavours, my god, the flavours were amazing. It actually is a pot of steamed Japanese fluffy rice with yellow tail soft bone fish head cooked with a great amount of flavour. One can only assume a load of fish bones and various other fragrant vegetables are used to make the broth, intensifying the flavour within the pot. 

Furthermore, the fish head is totally edible, and by that I meant the bones itself. Go for a chew, as it is soft and packed with a good dosage of calcium. Lovely flavours, absolutely brilliant and definitely worth ordering. 

Smoke Oyster - RM48

It may not look like much but the preparation and steps behind this dish is quite incredible. 

For one, it's smoked in this odd-looking machine, first introduced in one of the best restaurant in Spain, possibly a 3 Michelin-starred one. Legend says that it can smoke almost anything but I have no clue on how it works. Served with a bit of soy sauce, fresh spring onions and Ebiko.

Salmon Shiokamayaki - Market Price

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its bread. 

Or is it? Though the name might have already spoilt it for you, it sure was fun trying to figure out what on Earth is beneath that crust. We thought it was bread but it turned out to be a salt-crust, encasing everything within. 

Salmon! Done so tenderly with a hint of saltiness from the salt-crust.

Lobster Gratin - RM180 ++

I know it may seem a little weird to have something so westernised in a Japanese restaurant. However, the lobster gratin was beautifully executed and served with fresh lobster, which makes it really delicious. Flesh was plump, juicy and succulent while the gratin sauce gives it that added richness, along with the cheese. It's also safe to say that one of these simply wasn't enough.

Kimuchi Chige Nabe - RM120/4 pax

For something with a little more 'oomph', the Kimchu Chige Nabe is well worth the try. Packed with a good amount of ingredients and a delicious soy-paste-base broth, mixing it with rice certainly was delicious. 

Wagyu Saikoro Steak - RM58

Delicious cubes of wagyu beef & vegetables done in a chef's special steak sauce on a hot stone covered with aluminium foil. Simple, aromatic and the wagyu was absolutely delicious. Tender, juicy and packed with a rich depth of flavour. If you're a fan of steak, this is definitely worth trying out.

Volcano Roll - RM42

This may come to as a surprise to most of you as Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine was the first design and craft the volcano roll. Every other volcano roll you see in Malaysia originated from this very place. Beautifully done with a generous amount of sauce and cheese, which gives it that iconic 'volcano' look. The flavours were simply superb and having this again is definitely a yes for me. 

Spicy Premium Roll - RM38

Last but not least, a humble serving of Japanese sushi rolls with fresh scallops and salmon in a sweet-spicy mayonnaise. It's light, it's fresh and it's fits in my mouth like a last piece of a jigsaw puzzle - absolutely delicious. 

The man behind everything, the food, the restaurant and of course, the idea. Mr Hitoshi! 

Overall, the items I've had at Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine were absolutely delicious. Although most of the dishes tend to lean towards the saltier end, the flavours were superb and freshness is guaranteed. The sashimi moriawase and assorted sushi are two of my utmost favourite, especially when I compare it with other Japanese restaurants in KL. 

Food was great, ambiance and service too were spot-on. Having dinner here after a hard day's of work or perhaps, a Christmas or New Year celebration would definitely hit the spot. 

After all, the restaurant is currently having a 15% off all food items on the menu. Just food, drinks not included. For those who are a fan of this place, you can also sign up for their membership and receive a 15% off discount any time of the year. So what are you waiting for? Call in for reservation and enjoy a series of authentic Japanese cuisine now!


Menara TA One, Ground Floor, 22, Jalan P.Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating hours: 

Lunch: Daily 12:00noon - 2:30pm
Dinner: Daily 6:30pm - 11:00pm (Last Order: 10:30pm)

Tel: 03 2166 4263

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