Bangkok Trip Day 1 (Touch Down) - Thailand Travel Review

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Not to long ago I was in Sydney for 3 weeks - roughly 3 months ago. Now, I'm on a short Christmas getaway in Bangkok, Thailand. The trip will last for approximately 6 days, including my arrival on 10pm Thailand time. So without further ado, here is the brief summary of my departure. 

Let the 'kiasu-ness' begins where even before the plane was parked properly, everyone got up in search for their overhead compartment. Of course, with that in mind, I joined the fun too.

My night flight window seat. 

Arrival at Don Meung airport, a station that looks as old as the Subang Airport back in the early 2000s. However, it is rather clean but the wear and tear is very obvious.

After the amazingly long immigration, this is where you'll end up right after. There are plenty of money exchange available, alongside atm machines and other services. The place does look really dull and the officers seemed to be working really slow. Do advice rushing to the counter quickly. 

Duty Free shop

Some taxi and telco services.

One of the most horrible part of the journey after arrival, the seek for taxi. Unlike Malaysia, Thailand's taxi goes through a controlled system, which I personally feel is safer and a little more affordable. We also do not have to fight for taxi but the queue is definitely not enjoyable. 

My first spending in Thailand - 40 Baht. (x12.15)

The Airbnb that I've booked - averagely RM100 a night, about 30 minutes away from Don Meung Airport with the fair being 250 baht + 50 baht for toll, so a total of 300 baht. 


It's a service apartment, which was really nice. The place has two powerful 2.5 horsepower aircon. Everything was clean and well maintained, which made it really enjoyable and well worth the money. For this price, many would suggest I take a hotel but I think my choice was right - this Airbnb unit was certainly better than a hotel as it comes with a bathtub, king sized bed, a kitchen, fridge and TV.

Anyway, that would be all on the day of arrival. So far, I've spent a total of 390 Baht (x12.18), which isn't a great thing but certainly isn't the worst. It's 2am now so yeah, looking forward for tomorrow's Platinum Mall shopping!

*Photo taken with a horrible Galaxy S4. 

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  1. For a phone to take those shots, I guess it is alright :D Enjoy your trip!