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So after having a good night's rest (approximately 12 hours because I slept till 12 noon), I was ready to embark on a Thai journey, seeking out the best places to eat and shop. So without any further ado, this was our second day at Thailand, summarized and explained.

The garden entrance at our Airbnb unit.

The first level of pain and agony

Headed to the nearest 7-11 to aiming to get a Sim card pack, but was told that this outlet does not sell any and got a Fisherman's Friend instead. Weird flavour, but got used to it soon enough. 

When we got to the next 7-11, we soon realised that we dont have the sim ejector for the iPhone 6, which made us go back to our unit to think of a way to eject the damned thing out. Screw iPhones seriously, they make it so hard to anything.

Anyway, I managed to use an incandescent stick (shaved at the tip to allow it to fit) to eject the damned thing, we went back to the 7-11 outlet, only to realised I forgot to take my camera. Hence, we returned to the unit again to retrieve it.

Once that is done, we were confident nothing will go wrong, hence we went back to the 7-11 and requested for the same sim, to which surprised us was the need of our passports. "Fuck" I said, with much agony as I slowly walk out of 7-11, only to return to the unit for the third time. 

Finally, after all that trouble, the sim card will finally be ours and we can proceed on to going into the city. Nope, not even close. They were unable to register our passports and got lazy trying to sell something worth 299 baht to us. So after all that trouble, we had no choice but to go straight to Siam Paragon, hoping that there will shops selling sim card. (Yes, they do, all 3 companies)

Walking out to search for taxi, A metered one.

Siam Paragon!

Lunch time!

First lunch in Thailand - McDonalds! A bloody fancy one to say the least. Unlike the regular McDonalds, this one had a dine-in option where waiters come and take your order. Pretty fancy, especially when it comes to a fast food joint. 

The food wasn't particularly cheap either. Technically, even if the currency was x10, it would still be average RM1-2 more expensive than Malaysia. Less needed to say when its x12. 

Look at that fancy little shit, all being served on a wooden palate with brown paper and shit. Look at that cup of coke with the MyBurger tag alongside the damned fries. Not in the standard McDonalds' packaging. 

Chicken & Ham Pie - 29 Baht

This was pretty good, loved the flavour of the filling while the crust was fairly similar to our apple pie. Lovely indeed. 

Trying to be fancy as shit as well. Kuro Buto (Pork burger) Set - 185 baht. That's close to RM21-22 for a damned set of McDonalds! 

However, to be fair, the burger was pretty enjoyable. The items were fresher than I remembered and the pork patty was moist and juicy. The Thai sauced within too was pretty spicy, as it builds overtime. 

Siam Paragon Mall

Siam Paragon.

For fuck sake, they have several car show rooms within Siam Paragon. They're not exactly cheap either as everything here is pretty much luxurious. BMWs, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Bently, Lamborghini, Maclaren and several others. 

Like how girls would say, "lets go shopping". This is the boy's version of shopping except that most of us would be doing the classic 'window-shoppipng'. Oh the irony. 

Searching for sim card, this was one of the company. One of the reason I really liked them is the fact that they provide free bottled water. Yes, AIS is the name of the company.

We settled for TrueMove Tourist 4g - 1.5GB for 299 baht in the end. Don't get this one, the line is shit and using it to load Facebook seemed almost impossible. So frustrating as it constantly disconnects as well. 

Some fake-ass Hermes. Average price - 4999 baht.

Plenty of gift for Christmas gift-giving.

Moving towards Siam Center.

To my surprise, they have a pretty fancy toilet. I mean, look at that, there is a VIP room for taking a shit or having a leak! 

I don't know where this is, but it was right after Siam Center.

Molesting them bears.

Molesting more bears!

Cause we hippy like that.

Dinner review!

Finally, an early dinner. This restaurant is also known as Somtam Nua, which is extremely popular across Google as almost everything I searched for resulted in this. What the flying shit? So with those doubt in mind, I had no choice but to give it a try. 

Spicy Grilled Fish - 185 Baht

Tomyam - 125 Baht

Some sort of Maggi goreng noodles - 125 Baht

Papaya Salad - 85 Baht

Rice - 25 Baht
Water - 25 Baht
Ice - 3 Baht each 
Total estimated damage including tax and shit - 580 Baht

This was our first proper Thai meal in Thailand so spending a little here and there was alright. Everything was fairly cheap, eventhough the fish costs us close to RM22, but it was done beautifully with a good amount of spice and kick. Fish itself was plump and minimal in bones, which I really enjoy. 

Tomyam was great as it had a rich depth of flavour. It is also quite spicy so having a glass of water comes highly recommended. 

The Maggi goreng thing was rather odd, and salty. Where chicken floss was added on top, ready to be mixed with the noodles.

Papaya salad is one of their famous dishes, alongside other mixes of salad. It is made fresh on the spot, where a guy will be doing so by the counter. Good flavour, fresh but not exactly my preffered taste. Pig on the other hand, did enjoy it.

So was it worth it? I would say it really depends on whether or not you're willing to queue if you arrive late. I enjoyed it quite as much, but to say this is one of the best Thai restaurants around, just wasn't right. 

Salad man

Pressumably another Malaysian family (cause they were speaking in Mandarin and complaining about the price), which so happens that dude is staring at me while I take this photo. 

Right after that, we headed down to After You Co for some famed-desserts. Known as the Shibuya toasts, it is one of the popular hot spots in town. 

In all fairness, the toast did taste pretty good. I especially loved the buttery core of the bread and the fluffiness of it. However, the ice cream melts too quickly and the whipped cream seemed pretty redundant. The flat white we ordered was very milky, but did not possessed that aroma that I desire.

So is it worth it? Well, to try it out for once yes. To come here again, no. 

Once we were done with that, the sky turned pretty dark and we were still scouting around the area, in search of some snacks and what not. Just as we were walking, we noticed some stalls were already getting ready, along Siam Paragon and Siam Center's adjacent street. 

This was one of the snack that we tried. Thai Takoyaki at 50 Baht each. Cheap, but definitely not worth it. Simply because I felt that the sauce was really sweet and the excessive used of mayonnaise was absolutely disgusting. 

This on the other hand, costs us 20 Baht, but was absolutely delicious. A whole corn beautifully poached in salted water and served in strips upon order. Sweet, light and absolutely addictive. Eating it too was really easy and mess-free as I could do so by pushing it up the packet instead of using my hands. 

8 Baht - Crispy Fried Pork Skin. Goes great with some beer! (which I did - Heineken)

I was actually not aware of the fact that aesthetical treatment is very common here in Thailand. This shop, at 7pm was packed with girls, all in line waiting for some miracle to happened. I think there were a few guys (ladyboys) as well. 

It's time to head back, but not with taxi cause some asswipe just tried to swindle us 300 Baht for a journey that costs 100 Baht on meter. No. Screw you. I'm taking the BTS (sky-train) instead.

A huge derpy dog on our way towards the BTS station.

It's crowded, but really, it wasn't as bad as I thought it will be. 

25 Baht per person, for a journey that lasts 3 stops. + another 80 Baht for taxi from the next station to our unit. 

Of course, upon arrival we headed to 7-11 again to get some snacks and house necessity such as shower gel an dall that. I've always wanted to try the microwave food here at Thailand so I just had to get some. Total damage on this would averagely be 300 Baht.

Total damage for day 2 - Estimated to be 2000 Baht (RM238), including some small spendings and unaccounted taxi to Siam Paragon (100 baht). 

It has been a long day so I will be heading to bed soon. Getting ready for tomorrow! Hohoho, Merry Christmas everyone!

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