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After a good night's rest, we've decided to head down to Platinum Mall for the dead, alongside everything else around that area. I didn't know what on earth was that, but I thought it was a pretty decent place, considering that the name is Platinum Mall. Little did I know...

The entrance of Platinum mall.

The journey begins with a good breakfast!

A great start with a delicious serving of pork trotter's rice, and some fried stuff that I did not enjoy. The rice was priced at 50 baht, which seemed fairly reasonable to be considering the portion and taste. A good amount of braised pork trotters was served alongside a full boiled egg and rice.

Being Chinese, we've decided to skip the common morning commute of taxi and took a walk instead. The nearest MRT station was 20 minutes away and we thought to ourselves, why the fuck not? Hence, we embarked on a painful walk towards the MRT station. On the way, my stomach rumbled and I took a confident shit at J.W Marriot Hotel. How lovely. 

Almost there. 

The MRT Station. Look really similar to the ones we have in Malaysia and Singapore.

Instead of using tickets, they have tokens. 

Inside the MRT station.

Our first stop of the day was Terminal 21, a building with a literal design - airport transits and themes of countries around the world. For example, you'll be entering the "Paris-level" and make your way up to London, Tokyo, Istanbul and so on. Each floor has a different theme, each representing one country. The photo above shows the floor of Greece, where the design is fairly roman.

Food Pillows!

Gourmet Market. Literally translates to expensive shit. 

1.5L of water, 12 baht. 700ml of detox juice, 150 baht. 

Going anywhere else? The floor below is Tokyo!

Some of the themed toilet according to country. For some amazing reasons, I find the "London-floor" to be somewhat stereotypical. I mean, I get the fact that London has the underground, double decker and the royal guard, but slapping them all in one place seemed pretty half-assed. It's like, hey, Australia has plenty of kangaroos and koalas, lets just put them in and called it "Inspiration from Australia". 

Apart from those flaws, the mall itself is pretty big and some of you might enjoy shopping here. Considering that each floor has a range of shops that somewhat fit the theme of the country.

I really do respect this guy as he greets each and everyone going through the security checkpoint while saluting. Oh, one point that I've forgotten to mention is the fact that every single shopping mall in Thailand, or at least in Bangkok has that security checkpoint thing. So yeah, they might wanna check your bags if you look like a terrorist. 

Next stop, Emporium Mall. Spot the hidden santa.

Tiffany's Christmas Tree. Spot the hidden santas.

They look like robbers in disguise, planning a naughty Christmas extravagant. 

Weird ass-Singaporean-look-alike architecture.

Trim the bush?


After realising that I could not afford shit in Emporium Mall, as almost everything is at an luxury level - Prada, Burberry, LV, YSL etc, We've decided to move on to a cafe that we found. 

But as we were about to leave, Pig had to replenish her energy by having some banana-crepe-roti-canai-thingy. I didn't like it but she seemed to enjoy it. 

I do not know what this place is called, all I know is that Casa Lapin is one of the names. Apparent they have another 2 other cafes merged together. 

Pretty nice cafe I must say. I do wish that the aircon was a little stronger because I was sweating more than Niagara falls. 

Had to order a cup of cappucino - 90 baht. Not the cheapest but certainly did taste quite nice. 

Our next sudden stop as this wasn't part of our list. The place seemed really nice so we had to check it out.

A very nice place to say the least. Contemporary looking and somewhat hipster-looking. A great place to take a photo and post it on Instagram.

Just because.

Address: 61/45 Sukhumvit26, Bangkok, Thailand 10110.
Mon-Fri:  08:00 - 20:00
Sat-Sun: 10:00 - 20:00

Right after that, we walked around the neighbourhood and came across a warehouse area called Warehouse 26. There were Birkens on sale but even after a solid 30% off, they were more expensive than Malaysia. So yeah, thanks Najib. 

After a long and tiring walk, we stopped by this stall because it smelled really good. I do not know what I'm gonna have but I just had to try. Fortunately, the menu had English on it so I could kinda point out which of the items I wanted.

Longan & Tomyam Noodles - 10 baht & 50 baht

The longan was pretty simple but enjoyable. The tom yam noodles on the other hand, tasted absolutely delicious. The minced meat was not only soft and plump, it was juicy and packed with a good amount of flavour as well. The noodles were really springy and resembled something in between vermicilli and Korean glass noodles.

The soup on its own wouldn't be as flavourful, that is why it is encouraged to add on your own toppings, provided on each table. I added a tablespoon of fish sauce, 1 teaspoon of chili powder, 2 teaspoon of lemon juice and a tiny bit of sugar. That was to my preference and I absolutely loved it.

After dining here and paying the bills, I then found out that this stall was rated as one of the best places to visit on Tripadvisor.

Address: 25 Sukhumvit Road, Khwaeng Khlong Tan, Khet Khlong Toei, Krung Trep Maha Nakhon. 10110 Thailand.

After that delicious meal, we went for another 20 minute walk to the nearest BTS, you know, to burn all them calories. That is me, waiting for the bloody train to arrive for our next stop at Platinum Mall.

The horror begins.

To be fair, one of the reasons I do not like this place is the crowd. My god was there a lot of people. I felt sardin-packed and could not walk. To add on to that sort of misery, there were groups of a slightly larger surface area roaming the streets of Platinum Mall, blocking most entrances and exits. 

The other thing about this place is the type of items sold and the price of it. They're not entirely cheap but everyone speaks as if they're free. One decent shirt would cost a whopping 200-300 baht, which translates to about RM24-RM36 each. Definitely not the cheapest as RM36 enables entry-level Uniqlo in Malaysia. 

Followed by the layout and design of the place. Everything looked really identical and getting lost in here isn't the best feeling you'll get. Unless of course you enjoy shopping here, getting lost here would lead you straight to Nirvana. 

After 15-20 dreadful minutes, we finally left and I opted for some ice cream. They have Coldstone here so why not. Note to self, never trust Thai commercials. Especially when they say 55 baht for a single scoop of ice cream, when the original price is 125 baht ++. This was really small. 

This on the other hand, costs 100 baht and was absolutely worth the price. Delicious salmon skin seasoned with loads of hair-dropping MSGs. I mean, why not right?

Walking a lot can be really tiring - and hungry. Which is why after we were done with Platinum Mall, we wanted to try going to MBK mall. Before that, food as fuel is needed. The White Flower Factory certainly is one of the popular restaurants in town, with queues starting as early as 6.30pm.

Some sort of cat fish thingy - 250 baht (estimated)

I thought I was in for a treat when they say cat fish. You might be wondering, is the fish under all those toppings? The answer is, no. The toppings is the fish. It's a flaked version of it, which got me really confused but hey, at least the flavours were good. Definitely worth trying and perfect to add on to your bowl of rice.

Tomyum Nuar Toon - 185 baht (estimated)

I thought this was tomyam, again, I was conned. For one, it's no where near as spicy as tom yam but the acidity was spot on. If anything, it's beef broth with a sour edge. Regardless, the broth had a rich depth of flavour, which gives it its unique characteristics and taste profile. The cubes of beef too were extremely tender and juicy. 

Crab omellete - 125 baht (estimated)

This too was absolutely delicious. I loved the way that the egg was fried. Light, crispy, oily and extremely flavourful. The taste of the crab was minimal but the richness was there. Mixed with a spoonful of rice and it'll taste absolutelye amazing.

Total damage: 700 baht (rounded off)

After that hearty meal, we went to MBK mall, walking through Siam Paragon. 

Look at that jam! Lovely bright lights!

For those who do not know, MBK mall is kinda like an all-in-one-thing. It is also incredibly famous for second-hand tech stuff, including phones, tablets, laptop, camera and many more. Inside, there are also fashion stuff as well. Each floor provides a different need, begining with food at the bottom, followed by fashion, phones, camera etc. 

One of the shops that caught my eye - Canon. They had a series of heritage ranging from the first few film cameras produced by Canon up till the latest 600m L stalker lens. There are also Macbook and iPad accessories for sale here, alongside cameras and shit. 

Thats the last stop for today, MBK Mall. I have to say, there are plenty of malls in Thailand with most of them within close proximity to one another. Either that or you can simply travel by BTS and it'll connect straight to its respective malls. 

If there's anything else I've learned today is the fact that you can bargain for almost anything. No kidding.  

That is it for today! Good night.

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  1. I swear the cafe in thailand is so pretty. Shall do a cafe hunt the next time I am back in bangkok :)