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Today's itinerary, temples. I've never really been a religious person but I guess in Thailand, things are slightly different. After all, Thailand itself is rather famous for its Buddhist temples. Hence, without much thought, we went on Google and searched for the nearest temple, one that is both big enough, and close enough so that we do not have to cough up additional cash for transportation. 

PS: This post will contain plenty of random photos. Sorry in advance.

Waiting for the damned taxi. Took us around 10 minutes to successfully get one.

Though I should say before I left, I had a decent breakfast of leftovers and the microwave food that I've bought. I know I hate microwave food in general but the ones in Thailannd were surprisingly good. The chicken I had may have a slightly odd taste, but the sauce was really flavourful. Rice was simply amazing as I felt it was better than any economy rice back in Malaysia.

Taxi man!

Arrival of the temple area. We were at Wat Pho Temple, one of the temple complex located in Phra Nakhon. The journey took us roughly 25 minutes and a total of 200 baht included toll (50 baht).

Looking for the entrance. A short warning, this place is huge. Much bigger than I imagine and definitely bigger than it looks on Google image.

Shaolin monks with minimal hair.

More pattern.

Admission costs 100 baht per person, but on a plus side, it comes with a bottle of water. 

Wat Pho guide service. Look at that conman's face. 

That was just some photos of the compound area. We have yet to enter the main temple hall. 

No, it's not a golden durian.

In fact, it's the sleeping buddha. Or laying buddha. Or slanting buddha. I don't know. It's in Thai.

Look at all the tourist in this area. This place is packed with people!

A word of advice, girls will be given robes to cover up if your clothes are deemed too short or inappropriate. Guys, no problem. Just don't come in boxers. You'll be given a bag to carry your shoe with as well, as this place is shoes-free. 

One of the fun things to do here. Just get a bowl of coins and proceed onto the side, throwing 1 coin per bowl, in a straight line.

The entrance of that temple.

After spending about an hour plus at the temple, we thought that it was time to leave to the nearest cafe around the area. But nearest I meant 20 minutes walk. It's about 5.7km away from Wat Pho.

Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces past and I'm home bound.


A nice park to say the least, this was merely halfway there.

Pattern pose.

As I walk through the depths of hell, I fear no evil. 

Finally, we've arrived at Carbony, one of Thailand's best coffee roaster's cafe. Or so it was voted by Tripadvisor.

The place as of now is relatively small, with only enough space to fit about 7 people internally and 3-4 outside. On the plus side, this cafe offers free wifi and charging ports, which was great!

Chocolate Mint Frappe - 105 baht

This was probably one of the best chocolate mint frappe that I've had in a while. Not only was the chocolate rich in flavour, it had a depth like no other. The mint too wasn't overwhelming as it provided a base of freshness and aroma. Definitely worth trying!

Address: 140-142 Phra Sumen Rd, Chana Songkhram, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200
Operating hours: Daily 10am-8pm

After a great tea time at Carbony Cafe, we went on to the famed Pad Thai restaurant. With over 50 years of heritage, I just had to taste it! We traveled by tuk tuk and the driver was crazy as shit. We literally went over to the opposite lane several times eventhough there was oncoming cars in close proximity. 

Preparing for the night as we were told to wait outside. The restaurant only opens at 5pm and they're pretty uptight about it. No waiting inside the restaurant. We had no choice so we waited. Without knowing that we had accidentally formed a line. Merely 10 minutes down, there was a long queue behind us. We arrived at 4.50pm.

Charcoal stove!

Each table will be served one of these. Simply add on what you like to the pad thai and enjoy. 

Coconut - 30 baht

Served frozen with shaved coconut flesh. Simple, easy to eat and absolutely refreshing.

Special Omelette Pad Thai - 90 baht

Original Pad Thai - 70 baht

In short, I would say that the pad thai here was simple delicious. It's packed with a good amount of smokiness alongside flavours that matter. There are also an array of side toppings such as peanuts, sugar, chili flakes, pickled yellow chilli and fish sauce at your disposal. 

My portioning were simply 2 teaspoon chili flake, 1 tablespoon fish sauce, 1 teaspoon sugar and of course, a serving of pickled yellow chilli. All that added depth and flavour, alongside fragrance as well. As for the side dishes, I had beansprout and lime. 

This place is definitely worth trying out but do come early. The restaurant was instantly packed upon opening.

Do save your tummy some space as the entire street along the famous Thailand pad thai is packed with stalls. Each offering their own unique dishes such as shaved ice, grilled pork, skewers and many more. 

After a satisfying meal, we walked back to the temple in search for a taxi, hoping to bring us to the station where the boat to Asiatique is located.

It took us a good 30 minutes to arrive here and the queue took us another 45 minutes. Hell, it was worst than waiting for Nana's Green Tea in Midvalley.

This was just 15 minutes in.

Finally, boarding the boat!

What a beautiful night.

Arrival at Asiatique after a short 10 minute boat ride.

Asiatique is a tourist hot spot with a good amount of restaurants, retail outlet and small stalls. Bars and Japanese restaurants here are extremely common, which is great for people who enjoys a drink or two. Pairing that with some delicious Japanese bbq skewers, the night simply couldn't get any better.

The place is really huge as well. Easily more than a hundred stores offering a bunch of crap. By crap I really do mean crap. Plenty of cute and cuddly things that will attract you, but provide absolutely 0 practical use. Some even costs a bomb. However, if you're looking for a souvenir, here might just be a great place to be.

Or rather, if you enjoy having a cold pint of beer with a couple of friends by the bay. Definitely worth checking out! 

After spending more than an hour and a half here at Asiatique, we thought that it's time to go home. Before that, another 20 minutes wait at the docks. Exciting! 

This marks the end of Day 4. Oh yes, I also went to 7-11 to purchase 4 packets of Edamame and boiled them with salt water. They costs 20 baht each packet and comes in pretty generous portions. Definitely worth trying out!

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  1. so considered of them to provide robes. usually most will just denied entry. btw isn't it expensive to take taxi in bangkok?