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Finally, the last day before our departure back to Malaysia. It has been a long yet short and fufilling trip. I've learn quite a handful of things, culturally and otherwise. I'll write a new set of compilations later on regarding things to do and places to visit in Thailand. As for now, this is purely Chatuchak, and my experience with the damned market.

One of the entrances of Chatuchak market.

Gaysorn! Because why not?

The journey from our place to chatuchak took us roughly 20 minutes, which is pretty far. Fortunately though, the fare was only 130 baht because there was no jam.

Walking around the vicinity to see if there's anything else. The current Chatuchak market has apparently changed over the last 2-3 years. By change I meant the layout and several other factors. Most of the food, previously set in the center of the market has now been moved to the outer side, adjacent to the entrance. 

I personally felt that this was a better choice, after all, the market is really stuffy inside, imagine adding smoke to that. 

Some food along the way.

More walking. Chatuchak Market has several entrance, with some of them pretty hidden. There will be signs directing you to the main or sub entrances, just be prepared to squeeze a little.

I arrived Chatuchak market at approximately 9am, which according to many, was extremely early. Technically, not all the shops were up yet, hence our journey was slightly less stressful. The large roads were still unoccupied when we arrive, and only after 12pm they started to set up. With that time given, we had covered most of Chatuchak market already.

Another point is that Chatuchak Market is big as shit. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. There are so many sections and sub-divisions that getting lost in here is extremely easy. Fortunately, I was able to navigate through the place without much problem. 

These are some of the shops that I'd passed by. Most of them sells random stuff, things you might not even use. However, if you ever are interested in any of them, do remember to compare prices and bargain. Bargaining is part of the culture and slashing the price down will give you a satisfaction like no other. 

Also, the common trend in Thailand is to buy more for less. Do not fall to temptation as most of the time you'll be forced to buy shit you do not need or use.

This was one of my favourite stops. There isn't exactly a name for it, nor a map to show you exactly where they were, but the aunty here sells the cheapest dried fruits and other snacks. Her price is 95 baht compared to some that costs 120 baht - 150 baht. If you buy a little more, she will give you a slight discount, not much, perhaps 15-20 baht depending. 

Recommended buy: Dried mango, pineapple, papaya and fried pork skin. 

Total damage: 500 baht

For an early lunch, we stopped by at one of the popular stalls, offering a range of dishes that revolves around ducks. 

Duck rice - 60 baht

Duck Noodle - 60 baht

Thai Milk tea - 40 baht

The first impression of this place was certainly, there wasn't enough seats. Apart from that, both the duck rice and duck noodles were delicious. Of course, being in Thailand, additional condiments are provided to improve the taste of food, according to what you like most. 

As an overall, I preferred the duck noodles more due to the tenderness of the duck and the flavourful broth. 

Total damange: 180 baht

Shopping and eating. Two of the best skills by pig.

Followed by a coconut ice cream dessert that costs us 35 baht. There are more than one stalls offering the same thing, the only difference I could see was the condiments are different. In terms of the flavour of the coconut ice cream, I can't tell but this stall's variant was pretty damn good too. Definitely worth trying out. 

Ice popsicles - 5 baht. Simple and straight forwarded. But remember, do not eat it vertically as it tends to melt really quickly. Eat it on the side, like how you would when you're eating a chicken drumstick.

You might be wondering, why am I having so much icy stuff? Well, for one, Chatuchak is hot as hell. I was sweating non-stop that even Poseidon would be afraid. This was by far my best find as it costs only 35 baht, with the allowance to choose 3 fruits to make a smoothie. 

They do not skim on ingredients too, which made the drink really rich and flavourful. Not to mention cooling and refreshing as well. 

Garlic butter bread - 20 baht. Oily, soft and packed with salted garlic butter. Having just one of these felt like I was about to have a heart attack. Nevertheless, it was pretty good.

Phone casing, antiques, clothes, and even souvenirs are some of the things commonly sold here.

Mango sticky rice - 100 baht. I simply do not know which was the best, but this plate of mango sticky rice certainly was good. The mango was fresh and sweet, which complimented the santan glutinious rice really well. It's located along the food trail adjacent to the Chatuchak market. Do not know which stall, but I pressume all of them would taste quite similar.

Basil minced pork - 60 baht. A small lunch for me. If anything, this plate of basil minced pork was really flavourful and spicy. Coke did not help but it had its moments. 

Food was pretty good and I will definitely return to this stall. The only question is, will I be able to recognise it in the near future?

Total damage: 190 baht

Some food along the stalls of the Mango Sticky Rice.

This was just the beginning, where the roads aren't set up yet. However, deeper within Chatuchak, they had already set up tents. 

ATJAK <3 p="">

We've spent a good 5-6 hours here at Chatuchak and I believed it was time to return. I was sweating so much that I wouldn't pee no matter how much liquid I drank. So without much though, we went onto the BTS and got home. 

The total estimated damage done in Chatuchak, including food, drinks, souvenirs and what not: 2000 baht

On the way home, I just had to try the Salmon rice and salmon burger by McDonalds. Not the greatest thing but the rice still tasted a lot better compared to ours. How disappointing for us.

Some snacks from Chatuchak. Nescafe not included. We stole it from a promoter =D.

Anyway, this marks our last day of holiday in Thailand. It had been a good 5 days, although the first day was wasted on the damned night flight. Same goes to the next day, as we're flying back to Malaysia early in the morning. I wouldn't even have time to wake up and have breakfast. So this is it, good night and sawadeekap!

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  1. Pancake! Looks like you had a good time! "There are so many sections and sub-divisions that getting lost in here is extremely easy. Fortunately, I was able to navigate through the place without much problem." Guess someone is a professional now eh. haha. I love the wooden utensils. Especially the platters :D