Jekyll and Hyde (New Brunch Menu Launch) @ PJCC, Empire Damansara

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Jekyll and Hyde has been a great place for  pork chops, but how well would it flare for its latest brunch menu? Featuring two items - Jekyll, and Hyde. One being the American big breakfast while the other, an English big breakfast. So without further ado, here is what we've had.

The entrance of Hyde.

The interior of Jekyll. 

Hyde's All Day Fry-Up - RM38 (includes a cup of juice AND coffee or tea)

Beginning with Hyde's All Day Fry-Up, where it is served with 2 slices of streaky pork bacon, 2 pieces of spicy Russian Kolbasas (sausages), sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomato, baked beans, and sous vide poached eggs served with two toasted sourdough rye with truffle butter. 

The combination of items are incredibly rich in flavour. With spiciness from the Spicy Russian Kolbasas, Earthiness from the sauteed mushrooms, richness from the sous vide poached eggs, and aroma from the truffle butter. Every element within the plate worked in harmony and having one of these on a Sunday morning is absolutely delightful. 

Dr. Jekyll's Breakfast - RM35 (includes a cup of juice AND coffee or tea)

Working on a slightly lighter palate, the English big breakfast has a pair of Gamon ham, 2 pieces of breakfast bangers, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomato, truffled butter scrambled eggs, rocket, bacon potato rosti and 2 slices of toasted sourdough rye with housemade butter.

In terms of portion, this is second to none. There are various elements with different taste and texture, coupled with an unforgiving amount of quantity, having one of these would simply fill you up. Loved the balance of flavours, everything was beautifully seasoned and cooked to perfection and the price is just about right. This is definitely worth going for if you're hungry!


Jekyll and Hyde also has the option of building your own breakfast, with a starter of toasted sourdough rye slices, butter and eggs the way you like it. Followed by your choice of sausages, which you can choose from an option of 4, meats and condiments. Prices varies accordingly, depending on what your favourite add-ons.

Mr. Poole's Avocado Triplets - RM30 (includes a cup of juice AND coffee or tea)

If you're into something a little more 'fine-dining' like, why not try out one of Jekyll and Hyde's unique looking dish? Mr Poole's Avocado Triplets. Presented beautifully on a plate, with 2 different types of toasts, avocado with Mascarpone cheese puree, smoked salmon, bacon and a beautifully done, sous-vide poached egg. 

This dish isn't for those with a heavy palate, instead, it's light and refreshing. Flavour-wise, definitely not an issue but personally, I would prefer both the Jekyll and Hyde's breakfast instead.

Eggs Pax Britannica - RM25 (includes a cup of juice AND coffee or tea)

Similar to an eggs benedict but with potato rosti instead of toast. It was a fairly refreshing twist, as I actually am quite bored with the standard eggs benedict. With this, everyone can enjoy the beautifully seasoned rosti, with a good amount of sear on its crust, alongside streaky pork bacon and a pair of sous-vide poached eggs, finished with cherry tomatoes and rockets. Lovely!

Utterson's Benedict - RM29 (includes a cup of juice AND coffee or tea)

Remember how a Salmon Royale looked like? Well, this is somewhat similar. The only difference would be the type of bread used. Apart from that, the smoked salmon was fairly smoky, while the sous-vide poached eggs were simply amazing. Not forgetting the creamy, rich and well seasoned hollandaise sauce, the dish itself was both pleasant and enjoyable.

That would be all for Jekyll and Hyde's new brunch menu launch. Despite having quite a number of big breakfasts around Klang Valley, both the signature big breakfast (Jekyll, and Hyde) combination were one of the better ones out there. It had great flavour, freshness and variety which I enjoyed. 

The brunch menu is currently only available on weekends, from 11am-3pm. All brunch dishes comes with a glass of juice AND black coffee or tea. So yeah, drinks are provided, 2 of them! So what are you waiting for? Get on down to Empire Damansara and seek out one of the best tasting big breakfast in PJ!


G18 & G19, Empire Damansara, 47820 Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Tues - Sun 11am - 11pm

Tel: 017-758 0005

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