Ticket To Korea (New Menu Launch) @ Setiawalk, Puchong

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Before anything else, Happy New Year 2016 everyone! I would like to dedicate the start of the new year to Ticket of Korea!

As some of you may already know, one of my favourite Korean restaurants is located in Setiawalk, Puchong. Not because it is authentic or anything, but because they dare to take a leap of faith, beyond the conventional way of Korean dining. Gone are the days of boring Korean BBQ, or perhaps kimchi jigae and say hello to a new form of Korean casual dining. 

http://www.findingfats.com/2015/03/ticket-to-korea-setiawalk-puchong.html read here on my first experience of Ticket to Korea.

Pineapple Soju - RM45 (refil RM35)

Starting of with a blast, the Pineapple soju. A perfect blend and mix of pineapple and Korean Soju with a perfect ratio. For those who wanna get drunk, this may not be the drink for you but if you're looking for a casual and refreshing alcohol, this is definitely the one. 

Fresh, light, sweet with a good bitter note at the end, the Pineapple Soju is definitely worth trying out and is also one of Ticket to Korea's signature item.

Hot Pepper Fried Dumpling (5pcs) - RM10

Followed by another delicious appetizer - fried dumpling with a good spicy hot pepper sauce. Dumplings were fried to crispy perfection while maintaining a moist and succulent mince in the middle. The additional sauce on the side reminds me a little on those Toppoki sauce, but slightly thicker and spicier. In terms of flavour and texture, beautifully done!

Mushroom Pork Bulgogi - RM65

One of my favourite dish, a Korean take on steamboat. Known as the Mushroom Pork Bulgolgi, the broth is done by boiling out pork bones with several other vegetables over a long period of time. Result being an extremely intense and flavourful broth, which binds the whole dish together. Loved the freshness of the mushrooms, spring onions and cabbage. 

Though you may not see it, there were quite a generous amount of tender-sliced pork within too.

Salad Pizza - RM34

What do you do when you love pizza and veggies at the same time? Make a great salad pizza out of it of course! This beautifully thin crust pizza comes with a generous amount of fresh spinach with balsamic glaze. Fresh ricotta cheese and crispy bacon along with cherry tomatoes and black olives too are included. Loved the flavour, good combination and definitely a must try in Ticket to Korea.

Cheese Pork Ribs - RM35/pax (minimum order 2 pax)

On a slightly unusual note, pork ribs with a rich and savoury sauce, along with plenty of cheese and corn on a hot plate. It may seem a little off but trust me, the flavours were absolutely amazing. Loved the tenderness of the meat as it falls of the bone with ease. Along with that spicy-sweet sauce - perfect! 

It will also be flambeed on the top, to give it that smokiness and melted look.

What's next? Use a fork or a chopstick and twirl the melted cheese around the ribs and feast! Plastic gloves are provided so you do not have to worry about dirtying your hands. How thoughtful. 

Fried Oreo with Ice Cream - RM19.50

Last but not least, dessert. A sweet and cold indulgence to end the meal with. Beautifully done, fried oreo with chewy batter, crusted peanuts and two large scoops of ice cream finished with chocolate sauce. It's a sweet sweet ending to say the least.

Personally, I felt that Ticket to Korea has took a step forward in its dishes. These are some of the trending dishes in Korean cafes, which they've brought it in and tweak a little according to our tastebuds. Presentation was good and food was excellent. If you're bored of the standard Korean food and in search of something a little more dynamic, this is definitely the place for you. 


C-8-1, Block C, Setiawalk, Persiaran Wawasan, 47160 Puchong.

Operating hours: 12pm-3pm, 5pm-11pm (closed on Tuesday)

Tel: 017-610 1499

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