Jekyll & Hyde @ PJCC, Empire Damansara

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The idea of Jekyll and Hyde derives from the short story - Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hide, by a Scottish author named Robert Louis Stevenson. For those who are unaware, though I doubt that since it's being taught in high-school as part of our English syllabus. Form 4 English Literature to be exact.

Moving on, Jekyll & Hyde at PJCC, Empire Damansara runs on the same concept and idea. Two identities fitted to one person, or rather in this case, one restaurant. 

The shopfront of Jekyll & Hyde.

As the name suggests, Jekyll & Hyde has two different personalities. As seen from the photos above, there are two different dining area that you can enjoy. Either the rustic British bar (Hyde) or perhaps the more exquisite and fine dining area (Jekyll). 

I personally felt that the "Jekyll" is beautifully done. The spaciousness of the place, the set up and the decor, everything felt clean, simple and posh. The chairs were cushioned and the tables were wide enough to fit 3 servings of spaghetti. 

The "Hyde" section is definitely more rustic and raw which many might enjoy. A great place for relaxation and of course, alcoholic beverages as well. 

Jekyll's salt, pepper and chilli flakes test tube. Interesting way of presenting, though I'm not sure what are they gonna do with the remaining 7 test tubes.

Charcuterie - RM38

We began our feast with a plate of Charcuterie. Served with a selection of cured meat such as Serrano Ham, Chorizo and Salchichon with green olives, pate, figs chutney and croutons. Beautifully sliced and perfect for an appetizer. I really enjoy the Serrano Ham not just because it is really rare in Malaysia, but the deep flavours of pork as well. 

Roasted Butternut and Sweet Potato - RM18

Amazingly simple and straight-forwarded. Roasted butternut and sweet potato served with garlic yoghurt and burnt butter, otherwise known as Beurre noisette. Done to a velvety texture, both the butternut and sweet potatoes worked really well with the garlic yoghurt as it cuts through all that richness. The burnt butter and garlic essence was mild but noticeable. 

Pork Shoulder Steak - RM38

The pork shoulder steak is definitely worth ordering when you're at Jekyll & Hyde. Marinated in a secret sweet sauce and panseared to perfection, the pork shoulder steak was not only tender but was packed in flavour as well. The additional horseradish dressing worked brilliantly in balancing out the richness of the pork. Served with a side of Waldorf salad. 

DIY Pasta

Choose from a variety of handmade pastas and sauces - 

1. Fettuccine
2. Pappardelle
3. Linguine
4. Spicy Ribbon Pasta
5. Wild Rocket Pasta

1. Creamy White
2. Creamy Tomato
3. Spicy Tomato
4. Spicy Prawn Oil
5. Red Pesto

1. Serrano Ham
2. Pulled Pork
3. Streaky Bacon
4. Chicken Slice
5. Sun Dried Tomatoes
6. Pork Meatball
7. Wild Mushrooms

One of the practices in Jekyll & Hyde is the fact that you can choose your own pasta combination. Starting from the handmade pastas with 5 different options along with 5 more for the sauces. Finished with a topping of your choice. Feeling generous? Bump it up to 3 instead!

Just like what I had, The Wild Rocket Pasta with Creamy White sauce, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Chicken Slice. The taste was really well balanced as all the components in the dish worked in harmony. It wasn't overly flavourful nor was it exactly bland. Instead, it permeates a pleasant and enjoyable taste profile that simply lets you enjoy each element in the dish. 

The second pasta that I've had was simply the Spicy Ribbon Pasta with Spicy Prawn Oil and streaky bacon with chicken slice. Though it had that oriental taste, it was pretty addictive. Beautifully served with a generous amount of cheese, the second plate of pasta too was pretty good. 

Spring Chicken - RM30

Last but not least, I had a serving of the spring chicken. Served whole but broken down into 4 portions. The chicken was beautifully seared as the skin was crispy and savoury. The flesh was slightly tough but that is to be expected of spring chicken. Nevertheless, the chicken was done perfectly and it was really succulent. Served with carrot puree and mushroom sauce, the combination worked brilliantly as the flavours complimented each other really well. 

All and all, if you're looking for a relaxing place to dine with your loved ones, Jekyll & Hyde might just be the place of visit. The decor is simple and contemporary while the music is set to a pleasant level. Apart from the cleanliness of the place, the food too is really good. 

Additionally, look forward as they're planning on an official launch in mid-December as they will be showcasing what is new in Jekyll & Hyde in terms of food and dining concept. The constant change of menu will also be expected in the mid-December launch, as a method to keep the menu lively while allowing you guys to enjoy a wider array of dishes. 

PS: There is a TGIF Buffet promotion currently ongoing which is priced at RM65 per pax (minimum of 6 pax required and a 2-3 days prior booking). Do check that out as well on their Facebook page. Links will be provided below. 


 G18 & G19, Empire Damansara, 47820 Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Tues - Sun 11am - 11pm

Tel: 0177580005

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