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I really do enjoy steamboat, especially when it's a good one. Featuring Kajak Kajak, a Korean BBQ restaurant that has just recently introduce their latest ying-yong steamboat which comprises of both Kimchi and Ginseng soup. It probably is one of the first few if not the first to actually provide Ginseng stock. 

The restaurant itself is located in Kuchai Lama. Getting here isn't very difficult nor is it easy. The jam usually pushes people back from coming but I would say, it's worth the trouble. Anchoring a corner lot, the restaurant is not easy to overlook.

The shopfront.

The interior itself is relatively simple, colourful and vibrant as well. There are enough ventilation and air-conditioning for the place to not smell like smoke, which was really pleasant. The only issue which I found to be a little difficult would be the size of the table, especially when you order enough to feed 10 hungry African families. 

Some Korean imported drinks.

Beginning with the soup, the Kimchi side has a nice spicy kick while maintaining a pretty good balance of sweet and sour as well. The soup was really rich in flavour but it gets better overtime. When you start to put those delicious slices of meat, seafood, mushrooms and vegetables in, the soup will definitely turn extremely flavourful. For those who like spicy food, this is the soup to go. 

The other being the Ginseng, was slightly less intense in comparison. Instead, it was pleasantly sweet and soothing, as I felt the essence of Ginseng throughout my unglamorous sips. These two are a great representation of our standard Chinese steamboats that uses tom yam and clear soup as base. Both soups were really flavourful and addictive. 

Chicken, pork and beef slices. Thick slices with a good level of marbling. Simply pop it in boiling soup for about 10-15 seconds and enjoy. 

When it comes to seafood, Kajak Kajak Korean BBQ is second to none. Look at the amount of fresh scallops, squid, mussels and prawns. Look at that prawn with its glaring blue feet, gorgeous!

Apart from delicious meat and seafood, I personally believe that balls are essential to a good steamboat. Not just any conventional balls but balls that makes an impact and memories. Those balls will be one of your benchmark on returning to a steamboat place. Fortunately, the balls are Kajak Kajak Korean BBQ were pretty good. 

Eventhough some of them were pretty standard, they too offer unique tasting balls. With a duo-flavour or perhaps an explosive one, with soup inside. All these kinda balls are available here as well. 

Some of Kajak Kajak Korean BBQ's signature items. Which includes wrapped Enoki Mushrooms with various meat such as the photos shown above. These are definitely worth trying as the combination of items worked really well with the soups. 

Last but not least, the final key ingredient to make something delicious even better - the sauces. Here at Kajak Kajak Korean BBQ, there are 4 types of sauces available. Additional items such as chopped chili, soy sauce and sesame seeds too are at your disposal. Simply choose the ones you like or mix them up, it's all within your control.

A compilation of what we had. There were plenty more that I have yet to take a photo of but trust me, there are more than meets the eye. For a quick glance of what I had additionally, do watch the clips below. 

Overall, the latest steamboat menu has surpass my initial expectations. Mostly because of the flavourful soups that I've had. The ingredients were really fresh and paired brilliantly with the intensiveness of the broth and sauces. Sweet, sour, and spicy - a great way to enjoy steamboat. The place too is well ventilated so it wasn't as stuffy as most of the ordinary steamboat places. Above all else, Kajak Kajak Korean BBQ is definitely worth trying out. 


No.2-G, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, 58200 Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Mon, Tuesday, Thurs - Sun, 12pm - 11.30pm

Tel: 0102283126

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