Crack Pork @ Kota Damansara, PJ

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Crack Pork is a humble cafe located at the far end of Kota Damansara. Taking up only half a shop lot, it's amazing to see what this little cafe is capable of.

The halved-entrance.

Inside, you will only see a small amount of seating area, with more than 30% of it being the kitchen. That is where all the magic happens. 

Prochetta - RM13/100gm

I started off with a simple serving of Prochetta. For those who do not know what a Prochetta is, it is a savoury and moist, boneless roasted pork loin served in a roll. It is then cut into slices and served as such. It comes with a choice of Salsa Verde or homemade Honey Mustard. 

Tender and juicy with a crispy edge, dipped in Honey Mustard, which is my personal favourite and it was absolutely delicious. The sweet and sour zing from the mustard, along with that pinch of heat worked really well with the Prochetta. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. 

Siew Yoke - RM10/100gm

Now who doesn't love a good slab of Siew Yoke? At Crack Pork, their style of Siew Yoke is quite different. At least to whom I'm comparing with, which is mostly those famous Chinese stalls. 

It isn't very greasy, nor is it extremely salty. Instead, the taste of the Siew Yoke was incredibly pleasant and well-balanced. The meat was soft and featherly, while the fat doesn't exactly melts in your mouth. It has a nice bite to it, which is really rare. The skin is no-doubt crispy, and pertains most of the saltiness. Overall, it worked wonders. 

Peking Pork (Siew Yoke Mantao) - RM12

You might be wondering, why on Earth is it called Peking Pork? Well it's quite simple, instead of the usual Peking Duck that is inserted between those buns, Siew Yoke is used. Filled with scallions and their special sauce in a soft and fluffy mantao. Light, savoury and absolutely delicious. 

Siew Yoke Sandwich - RM15

One of the must try at Crack Pork is definitely their sandwiches. There are currently two types, the Siew Yoke Sandwich with baguette being one of them. Served with deliciously awesome Siew Yoke along with some Honey Mustard Sauce and parsley in a fluffy baguette, the Siew Yoke Sandwich is absolutely delightful. It has that bite, texture, flavour and the flavours worked in harmony. Highly recommended! 

Prochetta Sandwich - RM15/RM15.80 (Baguette or Bread Roll)

The other sandwich available is the Prochetta Sandwich. Made with the same amazing Prochetta earlier, but with a generous spread of Salsa Verde and rockets in your choice of bread. Good flavour, lovely texture and definitely worth dying for. 

For those new in town, they are the supplier for Garam Haram that is distributed in Ben's Independant Grocer. It costs RM15 per bottle but do not worry, you are allowed to use these magic powder at Crack Pork for absolutely free. Definitely worth trying out as I really liked the Cili Porky Salt and Pepper Porky Salt. 

In general, despite being only half a shoplot, the food and service was simply amazing. Both the Prochetta and Siew Yoke were done absolutely balanced and well, perfect as well. The flavours were amazing and without a doubt, there was a bite to everything I had. This place comes highly recommended for those pork lovers. They also sell a roll of Prochetta for RM120 while a whole slab of Siew Yoke for RM90. Definitely worth checking them out!


59G Jalan PJU 5/21 The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Operating hours: Mon, Wed - Fri 11am-3.30pm, Sat & Sun 10.30am - 5pm.

Tel: 012-207 3994

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