Ginza Japanese Restaurant @ Glomac Galleria, Desa Sri Hartamas

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Japanese restaurants has been one of Malaysian's constant staple of diet. Everyone loves a good serving Japanese dishes once in a while, especially when it comes to celebrating an occasion. Apart from all that, it's not exactly easy to find a good and affordable Japanese restaurants. Fortunately, there Ginza Japanese Restaurant is far from being ordinary. 

The entrance,

Located in Glomac Galleria at Desa Sri Hartamas, Ginza Japanese Restaunrant is a pretty fancy place that is operated by a family of Koreans. The lush and velvety cushion seats along with a sense of contemporary decor, it's a nice place to say the least. There are also two floors available, with the bar and private dining room being upstairs. 

Without further ado, we began our feast with a little warm Sake. There are so many types of sake and shouju to fit your taste. So if you're craving it, just order! 

Assortment of Sashimi - RM50/RM120 (Small/Big)

After a shot of warm sake, the feast began. Starting with our assortment of sashimi (small), served with 4 different types of fish - Halibut, Grouper, Hiramasa and of course, salmon. Decorated beautifully in a wooden boat and laid on top of vermicelli and lemon slices. Fresh and absolutely delicious. 

PS: The type of fish are bound to change, depending on availability. However, it doesn't happen that often and perhaps only once or twice in a month. Regardless of which, their sashimi are incredibly fresh. 

Sushi Set - RM30/RM80 (10pcs/30pcs)

What is a Japanese restaurant without some amazing sushi? Sliced generously and beautifully, each piece of nigiri wraps around the incredibly fluffy and soft rice with no errors. The thickness was just right and the freshness was beyond measures. Highly recommended. 

Gyu Tadaki - RM30

Gyu Tadaki is basically sliced beef served almost raw in a light-asian salsa. For Ginza Japanese Restaurant's version, it's done so in a ponzu sauce with shredded red cabbage, chilis,  onions, shallots, lemon and a bit of ginger and chili paste. 

The dish is served cold so do not be alarmed. Flavour-wise, it's pretty interesting but I felt that the beef was hardly appreciated. The sauce was great and perhaps that might be the issue. 

Tempura Meal - RM30

The first thing I noticed about the tempura is the type of flour used. Unlike any common Japanese restaurant, it's done in a light-brown batter, where it resembles an English fish and chips. Instead, the tempura batter used here was much crisper and thicker in comparison. The flavours are also a tad stronger, but was nicely balanced out with the sauce. Interesting variety and definitely worth trying. 

Pork Cutlet Meal - RM25

Among everything else, the Pork Cutlet Meal is probably the definition of value for money. Served with a generous amount of crispy pork cutlet, side of salad, chawanmushi, soup of the day, rice and their special glaze. The best part about this meal is that you are allowed to grind your own sesame seeds! That was lots of fun, but a little pointless haha. Nevertheless, I really enjoy spinning that rod. 

In terms of flavour, there was no problem. The crispy pork cutlet worked brilliantly with the sweet sauce and rice. Chawanmushi could've been a little more flavourful, but was good nontheless. Overall, it's a very hearty meal. 

Pork Shabu-shabu - RM40

This is a bad way to end the meal, but not exactly in a bad way. Not sure what that means but that's how I felt. The shabu-shabu was really good, but having this as the dessert seemed a little too much. Generous portion of vegetables, beautiful slice of pork, I mean, look at those fat lines - sexy ain't it? All to be boiled together in their special broth. Overtime, the soup will reduce and becomes more flavourful, and that is when the noodles will enter. Light, pleasant and sweet - it's good to say the least. 

Overall, Ginza Japanese Restaurant is a pretty good place to have a meal if you're around the area. The sushi and sashimi were really fresh, which was great. Everything else has a decent standard and the price isn't very high. All and all, it's a pretty good Japanese restaurant. 

B-G-3A, Jalan 26A/70A, Glomac Galeria Hartamas,, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Operating hours: Mon - Sat, 11am - 11pm, Sun 5pm - 11pm.

Tel: 0163608996

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