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Bert's Cafe isn't new to the industry as they've been around for close to 2 years, with January being their anniversary. It's a family owned cafe, where all the dishes are home to the family's recipe. The design of the place too is pretty cozy as random items and paintings being hung all over. Simple, casual and definitely a great place for a weekend lunch. 

Bert's Cafe entrance. The place isn't exactly easy to find but with Waze or Google Maps, it'll lead you right to it. So do use that if you're planning to a trip here. 

The interior or Bert's Cafe is really well decorated. A constant use of timber can be seen throughout the cafe. Painting, decors and the use of different furnitures turned this place into a vibrant and fun place to be. 

Before the commencement of our feast, we had a series of self-made mocktails and drinks. These were just 3 of what we had, starting from the left with the latte, mango with chia seeds and a mix-fruit punch. The coffee is definitely worth going for as the flavours were rich and nicely balanced with Farmhouse milk. The juices were pretty refreshing but I personally prefered the coffee. 

Creamy Butter Chicken - RM14.90

Starting off strong with the signature Creamy Butter Chicken. Where the fried chicken with light batter feels almost like fish. It was soft, tender and packed with buttery goodness. The sauce was just right with a good amount of seasoning and balance. This dish definitely comes highly recommended. 

Moi - RM9.90

Followed by a dish called 'Moi'. In short, its a humble bowl of porridge with plenty of sambal ikan bilis, fried onions, chopped coriander, spring onions and topped with one salted egg. The porridge had a smooth and creamy consistency, which worked really well with the spicy sambal ikan bilis. A saucer of soy sauce was also provided but I personally thought that the flavours were good enough. 

Nasi Lemak - RM14.90

Bert's Cafe nasi lemak comes with a honey-spiced fried chicken, which was marinated and fried beautifully. The skin remained crisp while the flesh was moist. Served with rice and relevant sides. Though I did wish that the sambal was a little spicier, but I guess it's alright for most to enjoy. 

Mee Kuah - RM11.90

Also known as Mee Rebus in Johor, Bert's Cafe's Mee Kuah takes inspiration from the north. Hence, the use of sweet-potato and potato blend for its gravy is evident. Served with yellow noodles cooked to tender perfection along with beef slices, prawns, tofu, chopped herbs and a full boiled egg. Flavours were really well balanced and the spiciness was just right. 

Cucur Udang - RM7.90

A tray of deliciously fried Cucur Udang, where the batter is light and crisp while the prawn fillings were soft and bouncy. Served with a gorgeous gula melaka sauce that pairs with it brilliantly. 

Roti Jala - RM7.90

My personal favourite, the Roti Jala. Made to a smooth and soft consistency, the Roti Jala goes really well with the beef curry. Even after leaving it for some time, the Roti Jala stayed really soft, which was both pleasant and enjoyable. After all, they usually get really hard after 10-15minutes. However, I did wish it had a more 'turmeric taste' to it. Nevertheless, it was great. Loved it!

Spicy Squid Spaghetti - RM12.90

An asian interpretation of seafood pasta I presume? It's light, somewhat fragrant and spicy. However, the lack of seafood was something that I did not enjoy. The flavours were alright but it is definitely up for improvements. 

Bifstik - RM11.90

Believe it or not, these two items go hand in hand with one another. The beautifully done garlic baguette is meant to be eaten with 'bergedil' green peas soup. To my surprise, they actually worked really well. The strong and permeating taste of the garlic was balanced out by the rich and fragrant peas. Simple, straight-forward and savoury. 

Curry Kapten - RM13.90

Believe it nor, the serving of Curry Kapten has actually 0 essence of curry in it. Instead, it uses tomato as the base for the sauce, and develop by adding additional spices. This dish is also one of Bert's Cafe's family recipe. It's sweet, sour and a tinge of spiciness. The chicken was cooked tenderly and the gravy goes really well with rice. Even kids can enjoy it.

Sago Gula Melaka - RM5.90

Since we're done with the main, this was out first dessert. The Sago Gula Melaka was done quite beautifully where the sago was smooth and consistent while being submerged in coconut milk and finished with a spoonful of gula melaka. Really well made, though I would enjoy it more with additional gula melaka on the side. Just to tune the sweetness to my liking. 

S'mores - RM9.90

This serving of S'mores is one of Bert's Cafe own recipe. Instead of the standard biscuit-like sandwich, they have made it with a digestive biscuit base. So I guess it works a lot like a pie but with marshmallow and chocolate syrup on top. Simple, sweet and perfect for those who enjoys some sugary goodie. 

Ristretto Sundae - RM9.90

This dessert was probably my favourite among the rest. The idea of it was brilliant and the outcome was fantastic. From the top, you'll get a coffee infused cream, followed by vanilla ice cream over crushed homemade meringue and finally, a shot of Ristretto on the bottom, finished with shaved chocolate. A perfect balanced bitter-sweet dessert that I would love to have more. 

Meringue Sundae - RM10.90

Last but not least, the Meringue Sundae. Made with crushed meringue and vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream, fruits, chocolate syrup and ground nuts. Meringue was nice and crumbly even though it was submerged in vanilla ice cream and whipped cream while the fruits and chocolate syrup gave the dessert an added dimension. Simply put, it's a simple dessert with much to offer. 

Overall, Bert's Cafe definitely felt as if there was more than meets the eye. Held in its humble cafe, they serve a good variety of dishes with flavour, texture and portion. Not to mention, the price is very reasonable as well. Good array of mixed drinks and coffee, delicious mains and a happy ending on their desserts. Bert's Cafe is definitely worth checking out. 


36, Jalan Selasih K U12/K, Cahaya Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating hours: Tues-Sun, 12pm-11pm

Tel: 03-3358 3766

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