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P.S Tokyo has just recently been introduced to the SS2 neighbourhood. It is a Japanese inspired cafe with only desserts served at the moment. The idea of minimalism and industrialism is also seen throughout the design of the place, making it simple and spacious. Anchoring a shop on the first floor, P.S Tokyo isn't exactly easy to find as of now. After all, they have yet to get their signboards up. 

The interior. A single and stretched concrete table placed by the window side, overlooking part of SS2.

This is what I meant by the signboard. It's not exactly obvious, but you can see a P.S Tokyo stamp on the windows. 

As seen from above, the design of the place is pretty straight-forward. Feels very Japanese too.

Before anything else, I began with a cup of latte that has its beans from Japan. It is quite rare to see merchants having their beans from Japan but I guess there is the first for everything? As I was told, the Japanese do enjoy their coffee a little more on the darker roast, which was why my cup of latte had that nice 'kick'. Smooth and rich, this cup of latte comes recommended. 

As I did not get the names and pricing of all the cakes, I'm just gonna run it by with my personal description of it. 

Beginning with this plate of beauty and my personal favourite. A jelly-like structure infused with mango flavour alongside a strawberry cream divider. Both the element had a great flavour, which is obvious and well-balanced. The cake wasn't too sweet nor was it bland, which was a pure delight. This cake is definitely worth coming back for. 

I guess this is a sort of sesame cheesecake? Though it felt as it it was a sesame creamcake. Smooth and velvety, the essence of black sesame was strong and enjoyable. The mousse-like texture too was great as it was not dense or overly-thick. Good flavour, nice balance and goes really well with my latte. 

I'm not entirely sure what this is made of, but I could tell that there was bananas in them. Feels similar to a carrot cake, or perhaps an infusion of both? Regardless of which, it had a light and fluffy body with a smooth and creamy frosting. Topped with crushed walnuts.

Tau Fu Fa cheesecake with ginger syrup? I'm pretty sure this is what it was. Beautifully done with a smooth and mousse and jelly-like texture on a savoury cookie base. Flavours were spot on but I personally do not enjoy ginger as much. Apart from that, loved it.

Last but not least, a standard cheesecake. Despite its simplicity, the cake was actually really well made. A good balance of cheese and fluffiness, where the cakes weren't too dry nor moist. It's light, airy and really enjoyable to consume. Highly recommend this as well. 

Moving on, P.S Tokyo's signature item - Japanese soft serve. It comes in 3 different flavour, milk, roasted tea and green tea. All of which were really good but my personal favourite was the roasted tea (the one in brown). It had a rich depth of flavour and the essence of the roasted tea was well received. The soft serves too weren't very sweet, which was great for me. 

Small cup - RM6.90
Big Cup - RM9.90

Because iPhone? 

A large cup of milk soft serve with vanilla flavoured popcorn.

Green tea soft serve with cornflakes. 

P.S Tokyo is also planning to introducing the Affogato. Made with milk soft serve and their own espresso. Loved the acidity and body of the espresso which worked brilliantly with the subtle and light, milk soft serve. Simple and straight to the point. 

The Green Tea Affogato, which is made with a rich green tea syrup and milk soft serve is set to be launched for Christmas. Do look forward to this delicious treat. 

P.S Tokyo allows their customers to print out their Instagram share for free. Simply hashtag #PSTokyo on the photo you want to share on Instagram and wait. 

In conclusion, P.S Tokyo may just be the next upcoming place for desserts. Not only do they have a good selection of cakes, the Japanese softserve too was absolutely delicious. A word of warning, it does melt rather rapidly, so do take those photos before having to lick them from your hands or what not. Great place to chill, free printing on Instagram photos, awesome desserts and several plug points for those who wishes to work. 


80, Jalan SS 2/60, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating hours: Tues - Sun, 12am - 12pm

Tel: 012-213 3706

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