4get Hot Pot & CEO BBQ - Luxury Seafood @ Kepong

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If you're a fan of luxurious seafood in steamboat, 4get Hot Pot & CEO BBQ may just be the place for you. Located at the far end of the world, Kepong. 4get Hot Pot is a very simple and straight-forward restaurant anchored along the streets of Jalan Kepong. 

Though I must say, finding this place wasn't as easy as it sounds. The address on Facebook is totally wrong, but it's around the area. My suggestion was to search '4get hotpot' on Waze and it should bring you to the approximate place. Whatever it may be, I wish you all the best in your quest to hunt for this restaurant, trust me, it's worth the effort. 

The huge signboard that can be easily missed.

Spacious indoor and outdoor seating area. 

Look at that lobster! my god it was huge. 

Like any other steamboat, all these items are necessary. From the type of meat to dumplings, meat balls to vegetables, they all play a significant role in both improving the flavours of the soup as well as provide variety to their customers. 4get Hot Pot & CEO BBQ certainly does not fail at this. They have a large array of items on their plastic-binded menu, with individual pricing and photos. So you'll get a clear image of what you're about to order and get.

All the items does come in a generous portion, but that doesn't mean that it was enough. Technically, I refilled my vegetables about 7 times, simply because it was fresh and goes really well with the soup. Well, more on that later on. 

Apart from that, 4get Hot Pot & CEO BBQ also excels in BBQ. Here are some of what we had, beginning with fresh oysters, scallops, mussels and of course, that huge ass scallop in the middle. They each have their own respective sauces and dressing, in which the oyster had some lemon and herbs while the others are done so with either cream or chili dressing. Regardless of which, they're cooked perfectly tender and they tasted absolutely amazing. 

The other great thing about 4get Hot Pot's BBQ section is the fact that the owner does it himself. So you'll be guaranteed a beautifully grilled, delicious selection of seafood. I highly recommend all of you to try it out.

Next on the BBQ list is a huge live crab. Yes, it was alive seconds before it was placed on the grill. Technically, the crab was cooked to death. Despite having such fear, the flesh was incredibly moist and juicy. Heck, it was one of the freshest crab that I've ever tasted. After all, it was alive. If you're here, definitely go for one of these. The flesh is absolutely worth the effort. 

Aside from the delicious live crab, there are also huge lobsters and prawns to be grilled. For the prawns, we were served two types - regular and sweet-sauce coated. The lobster is done quite simply, grill with its own juices. Both were really juicy, sweet and absolutely amazing. Simply put, it's fresh as hell. 

Lamb chop, smoked duck, grilled squid and bbq ribs are also part of their BBQ menu. My god that is a lot of meat. They were all marinated and grilled beautifully. Except for the ribs, which I find a little dense and lack of flavour. The squid, duck and lamb on the other hand, were absolutely marvelous.

The BBQ section is pretty much done. I've tried all their signatures and well, most of them were amazing. On to the steamboat, there are 4 choices of soup available. Clear broth, tom yam, 'ma lat' and their unique Assam Laksa. Which at first felt really weird but it tastes absolutely delicious. Almost anything that went in turned out really well with the broth. It's also my first time having Assam Laksa steamboat - which I highly recommend. 

The feasting begins! Also, do not forget to order your set of drinks to pair with such a flavoursome steamboat and BBQ. I highly recommend the coconut, herbal tea and lime & sour plum drink. These 3 goes really well with the heavy flavoured and dense meal here at 4get Hot Pot & CEO BBQ. However, these are only some of what we had for steamboat, the video below will show you more of what 4get Hot Pot is all about. 

Overall, if you're looking for luxury within a pot, 4get Hot Pot & CEO BBQ is the perfect place to be. Though I must warn you, coming here late will set you within the crowd as it starts to get packed at around late 7 in the evening. Definitely worth trying, loved the assam laksa soup and definitely all the fresh seafood and delicious red meat. 


No.3 & 5, Block E, Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2, Taman Usahawan Kepong, 52100 KL. (Recently relocated)

Operating hours: Daily 5pm-4am

Tel: 010-7711 579

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