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Gossip Time is a humble and homey cafe located in the neighborhood of Taman Paramount, PJ. Originated from Cameron Highlands, Gossip Time serves a variety of homecooked dishes that tastes absolutely delicious at an incredibly affordable price range. They are also really popular in Cameron Highlands for their burger challenge, which I will speak more of it later. 

The entrance.

The warm and cozy interior with generous-sized tables.

Starting off the meal with one of their best sellers, Orange Yakult. A smooth blend of freshly blended orange juice with a dash of Yakult cultured milk. Sweet, sour and absolutely refreshing. Definitely worth trying. 

Special Curry chicken rice - RM8.90

This humble plate of curry chicken rice comes with a serving of deliciously rich, homemade curry chicken. Inside, there was a generous amount of tender-soft chicken and potatoes. Perfectly balance and served with a portion of rice, cucumbers, tomatoes, cracker and a soup of the day. Quick, simple and absolutely delicious. 

Prawn Wantan Mee - RM8.90/RM9.90

The prawn wantan mee, like every other restaurant, comes with either soup or dry. The homemade noodles has a heritage of 40 years and was extremely bouncy and springy. 

As for the dry version, the dark soy base had a savoury and salty edge, which wraps around the noodles really well. It also comes with a side of soup with really huge wantan. Soft, succulent and absolutely delicious.

The soup variant on the other hand, has similar qualities without the soy base. Instead, the soup tasted slightly intensified as compared to the soup given for the dry version (it is also different). It also comes with a small portion of minced pork. As for the wantan, they each have a complete piece of prawn inside and it tasted absolutely delicious. Overall, it was really good - absolutely recommended!

Curry Chicken Soup Wantan Mee - RM8.90/RM9.90

The curry chicken soup wantan mee is another variant that is available at Gossip Time. The curry tasted similar to the first dish I had but felt like a slightly more diluted version. It comes with a generous amount of tofu puff, chicken, potatoes and wantan. Simple and straightforward with a good amount of flavour. However, i did wish it was a little spicier. 

Special Spicy Noodle King - RM9.90/RM10.90

The spicy noodle king definitely sets a benchmark for spicy wantan mee. The noodles has a similar base as the prawn wantan noodles, but with a spicy kick at the end. Fair warning, it is spicy. However, the savoury edge to the taste was absolutely delightful. 

 Satay Sauce Chicken Chop Rice - RM14.50

This is definitely something new to me. Chicken chop with satay sauce is one of Gossip Time's signature dishes. The idea is simple, a simple serving of rice, sunny side up, a generous portion of tender-moist chicken topped with savoury satay sauce. The sauce had a nice balanced of sweet, salty and spicy flavours. Not to mention that it was incredibly rich as well. In short, its a form of deconstructed satay meal. A tip, add-on more sauce at no extra cost!

Mushroom Chicken

On the side note, the mushroom chicken sample that I had was packed with a rich depth of flavour. Inside the bowl comes with a generous amount of mushroom, potatoes and chicken that have soaked enough of the flavour within. Goes incredibly well with some rice. 

Gossip Pork Burger/Chicken Burger King - RM24.90

For the high and mighty or for those who feast like a king, the Gossip pork or chicken burger king is truly fit for a king. Beginning with the size, it was far larger than my palm from the top view. In height, it is about 10cm tall, featuring slices of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, pineapple, omelette, chicken chop, relevant condiments and finished with a huge bun. 

There is also a challenge for this particular burger. Finish it faster than the time recorded and get the entire serving free. This includes the fries as well. For those who have a dryer throat, there is a choice to ask for additional curry. Go for it if you think you can. 

Chicken Wings - RM8.90 4 pcs

The chicken wings was a nice addition to the menu we had. Fried perfectly crispy in their own marinate, the chicken wings was not only succulent and moist, but savoury in flavour as well. Don't forget to suck on those bones for more 'oomph'!

Steamboat - 24.90 person

The steamboat we had is a set for 2 pax. That would cost roughly RM50 and that is the amount of ingredients you will be receiving. It also comes with a ying-yang soup, where customers can choose both the Pork Bone Broth and Special Spicy Broth. 

The ingredients of choice includes a large array of meat, fish and some prawns. Freshly sliced and picked from market on a daily basis. Additional sides also includes an array of mushrooms such as Enoki and Abalone Mushrooms. Fish and meat balls too are provided along with other steamboat essentials such as crabsticks, dumplings and beancurd. Above everything else, they're all incredibly fresh. 

Additionally, the broth which I really enjoy would be the Pork Bone as it's packed with a rich depth of flavour and a savoury edge. Boiled for over 10 hours, the soup also intensify its flavour when more ingredients are poured and cooked within. The Special Spicy broth was a little too much for me. I personally find that the 'spicy kick' was overwhelming and did not enjoy that as much. However, for those who enjoy spicy food, this will definitely be sufficient or perhaps, request them to tune it down a little. 

Last but not least, the steamboat also includes unlimited free refills of vegetables - up to 3 types. So feast away fellow omnivores! 

In conclusion, Gossip Time cafe has more to offer than meets the eye. The humble cafe that originated from Cameron Highlands was truly a great place to feast. Be it the curry chicken rice or wantan noodles, most of what I had that day was absolutely delicious. Not to mention its incredibly affordable pricing, which will not cause any damage or holes in your wallet. So what are you waiting for, bring your family over for a quick lunch or hearty dinner!


No.5, Jalan 20/14, Paramount Garden, 46300, Petaling Jaya.

Operating hours: Daily 10am-10pm

Tel: 03-7872 9030

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