Sakura Kristal @ Quill City Mall, KL

8:38:00 PM

At first glance, I thought Sakura Kristal was actually a Japanese restaurant. I mean, it makes sense as sakura is usually used to represents the flower of Japan along with the off-spelling of ‘crystal’ to signify them being Japanese. However, I was utterly wrong. It is in fact, a restaurant offering local delights done with a upper-class manner. 

The entrance.

Fried Chicken Wings

I began my session with a plate of fried chicken wings. It is done beautifully where the skin remained really crisp while the flesh was juicy and succulent. The batter they used too had a bit of seasoning, which gave the chicken wings a tad bit flavour which was really pleasant. 

Chicken and Beef Satay

Followed by one of their signatures, chicken and beef satay. This is definitely a must order when in Sakura Kristal. Both the chicken and beef satay were marinated beautifully, where the flavours really came through when they’re grilled. Served with a rich and flavour-packed peanut sauce, that coats the satay gracefully. Not forgetting the ketupat rice and cucumber as well. 

Seafood Stew

The claypot of seafood that I had next was truly delicious, and I mean it. It’s not exactly a curry, nor is it a soup but it seems like a blend of both. It does have a tinge of spiciness, along with a handful of blended spices and herbs. 

The consistency felt a lot like a thickened broth, which worked marvelously with all the fresh seafood and vegetables in there. Extremely well balance, really flavourful and goes amazingly well with rice – highly recommended! 

Chocolate Eclairs

Last but not least, desserts. The eclairs with a scoop of ice cream was without a doubt, delicious. Beautifully baked, rich chocolate and a cold spoonful of ice cream, what’s more to ask for. 

In conclusion, Sakura Kristal certainly exceed my expectation, maybe because I thought it was a Japanese restaurant and suddenly it wasn’t. Nevertheless, the food is really good and the restaurant has pretty good service. A short note, food may take some time.


Lot 4-02, Quill City Mall Jalan 
Sultan Ismail, 52520 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: 10am-10pm

Tel: 03 - 2202 8204

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