[Is It Worth It?] New Boston Restaurant 伸波士顿餐室 @ Klang

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This place has been really popular not just among the locals, but to people of KL and PJ as well. You will also need to queue an hour before being able to be seated, while waiting another 10 minutes before ordering and perhaps another hour before the food arrives. Those were the myth and really, are they worth it? 

I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other reviews out there that are far superior than mine but nevertheless, I'm here to provide a few insights of what really is happening and whether is it worth going through all that trouble.

*The photos are taken with an iPhone 5s, hence my pattern and low-res images. 

The not so glamorous entrance.

I arrived at the restaurant at approximately 5.30pm, 30 minutes before the opening of the restaurant. Not that surprising was the fact that there were already people queuing but it's not entirely that bad. I would say 6-7 tables at most. When the clock hits 5.50pm, they kinda let us in while arranging the tables outside along the drive way. A note of advice, try not parking directly in front of the restaurant. 

10 minutes in to seating, the owner (or at least someone with power) came and took our orders. He spoke really softly and my Cantonese isn't that great, so communication was quite an issue. Regardless, we got through that and made our order. 

30 minutes later, comes the food. And this is what we had. 

Hokkien Mee

The Hokkien Mee came first and with a strong hint of 'zhu yao char', otherwise known as Chinese pork lard, it permeates that rich and savoury scent. The noodles were cooked nicely, where it wasn't too soggy like most places. 

The sauce was a little on the saltier side, but that could be due to the excessive pork lard used. The prawns were really fresh as it still had some bite to it, making it really pleasant and enjoyable. Overall, it's a pretty good plate of Hokkien Mee. 

Fried Rice

Followed by a plate of fried rice which was rather disappointing. To me, the dryness of it didn't matter as much as how bland it was. It requires a little more seasoning and perhaps, a better depth of flavour. The rice too was not all that aromatic as well. 

Xiong Tong Lala (Steamed lala in Superior soup)

This is what the hype was all about. Everyone who recommended me to come here insisted on the steamed lala in superior soup, otherwise known as 'xiong tong lala'. 

I have to say, the soup truly was superior. It had a rich depth of flavour along with a strong essence of the sea. The tinge ginger was noticeable and somewhat pleasant, despite my hatred against it. Quite a handful of chili padi can be found in the soup, which was what made me grasp for more water. In short, it had a nice balance of sweet, salty and spicy - not to mention fresh lalas as well. Really good. 

Mantis Prawn in Nestum Cereal

It really doesn't look like much from here. If anything, it looks like a dry plate of poop, sprinkled with crushed peanuts for that added crunch. I would admit that it does have flavour, but it was mostly sweet and 'Nestumy'. It was also really dry, coupled with the added Nestum flakes, made it worse. In short, I wouldn't recommend it. 

Stir-fried Potato Leaves

This plate of veggie came surprisingly late - at the end of the meal. But, it was possibly one of the most flavourful and addictive plate of stir-fried potato leaves that I've ever had. It was so rich in flavour while the texture was really soft, I kept diving for more. Addictive as it is, it felt like there was a heck of an MSG. Having said that, I would still recommend it.

Overall, it is worth it? That's the main question.

To me, I had to break down to a few parts - the wait, the quality and of course, the price. For some reason, it costs us only RM74 for everything, which we assume that they've got it wrong. We ordered 3x Hokkien Mee, 1x Fried Rice, 1x Lala, 1x Mantis Prawns and 2x Stir-fried Potato Leaves. Amounting to only RM74, it was heck of a bargain. 

The wait was relatively short, in comparison to what everyone says. Perhaps it was our lucky day? Regardless, I would say I have spent a solid 1 hour, all included waiting for the food to arrive. Which wasn't that bad, but I still wouldn't do it again. 

Last but not least, the quality. As I've mentioned above, 3 out of 5 dishes were good. Which makes it a restaurant slightly above average. After all, I've ordered the popular picks. Not a very good score to be honest.

In short, I will say that I would come back for the 3 items - hokkien mee, lala and veggie but will only do so perhaps once or twice a year. 

Has it met my expectations? Well, kinda. They do have really good lala, so that was spot on. Apart from that, pretty good. 

Will I recommend it? Yes, go ahead a try it out, it's nothing much to lose. 


Jalan Kapar, Kawasan 18, 
41300 Klang, Selangor, 

Tel: 016-268 3104

Operating hours: 6pm - 11pm 

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