Olfactory Bulb - Coffee Mixology Bar @ Kota Damansara, PJ

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Olfactory Bulb is certainly something that I've never encountered before. It's a all-in-one Coffee Mixology Bar, cafe, lounge and dessert place. As hidden as it gets, Olfactory Bulb is located on the first floor along the busy streets of Kota Damansara. However, missing it would deem impossible due to its humongous signage.

Without further ado, let's check out what do they offer inside.

The entrance on the right along with its huge signage.

Inside, as you can see is pretty dark. I really loved the idea of the hanging bulbs as it feels a lot like a functional art piece to me. The place is really cozy where the aircon temperature is set just right, not too chilly nor warm. For those who are feeling a little lazy, there is also a couch seating along with a fancy teak table. 

Yam Sam Oh - RM26

This is probably one of the best waffles that I've had in a long time. Served with crushed chunk-sized waffle that is guaranteed to retain its crispiness, along with a generous sprinkle of pomelo, crushed tom yam flavoured peanuts, sweetened dried cuttlefish, lemon cream, lime syrup and a Lemongrass & Ginger Kapiti ice cream. It is absolutely divine both in terms of flavour and texture. 

X-Tini Tattoist - RM25

Being a Coffee Mixology Bar, it's not surprising to see alcohol being used in some, if not all of their desserts. Featuring the OFB X-Tini range of custom ice creams, each with its own unique blend of alcohol and ice cream. 

Like the X-Tini Tattoist, it's done with Kapiti Blackcurrent & Blackberry and Kapiti Anzac Coconut Cookie ice cream, served with Sailor Jerry Carribean Rum and Espresso Syrup. Beautifully balanced and tasted simply amazing. 

Drunken Brownie Cup-Cake - RM28

The Drunken Brownies Cup-Cake is certainly worth the try, if you're an avid brownie lover or simply alcoholic. Cubes of fudgy brownie soaked in Sailor Jerry Caribbean Rum, OFB special sauce, and a scoop of Kapiti Black Doris Plum ice cream & creme fraiche. Rich in flavour and beautifully balanced with a tinge of alcohol at the end - absolutely heavenly! 

Daughter's Laughter 

The Daughter's Laughter is a customized recipe crafted by Olfactory Bulb themselves. It has Beefeater Gin, Cointreau, Cold-Pressed Soursop, Lime, Gingle Ale, Violette, Mint and Sour Plum. Not only was it perfectly balanced, the tinge of alcohol was really subtle and more noticeable at the end. It is no doubt, a bloody refreshing drink. 

Nutella Latte

Last but not least, a coffee done by a Mixologist. Unlike most Nutella latter, Olfactory Bulb mixes them the Nutella and milk together before frothing. The result was a really well balanced, not too sweet nor bland with enough presence to make it a Nutella Latte. Rich, aromatic and smooth. 

In conclusion, Olfactory Bulb has certainly met beyond my expectations. The place is not only done beautifully and cozy, it has great drinks and desserts too! The owners themselves really took the effort to craft and build what they have today, and it might change in a few months time depending on popularity. Everything has to be perfect before introducing it therefore no matter which you order, you're definitely in for a treat.


2 Dataran Sunway, 15, Jalan PJU 5/13, 
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

Operating hours: Tues-Sun, 5pm-12am

Tel: 0361511108

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