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What better way to skyrocket your cholesterol level than to do it with a mountain of fresh seafood? Featuring Just Seafood, a simple and casual dining place with only one objective in mind; serving amazingly fresh seafood. 

The restaurant itself is situated inside Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara. Anchoring on the corner lot at the open-aired central podium area, the restaurant is rather generous in table setting. Where most of them are large tables. Well, that could only mean one thing. 

A rich array of seafood items! 

As you can see, there are several dining options, either outside by the verandah or otherwise. The place is kept really clean despite the constant use of hands to eat, where it gets messy afterwords. 

Extra Large Live USA Oysters - RM18/pcs
(Buy 4 Free one, Buy 7 Free 2)

I began my feast with a humble but extremely delicious serving of Extra Large Live USA Oysters. The reason of it being 'live' is simply because it is air-flown fresh with it's shell still encased. Squeeze a little lemon, a dash of tabasco, and enjoy the intertwining flavours and freshness of the oyster. 

What's next? A large bowl of freshly prepared seafood with cajun spices. For those who are unaware, the Cajun sauce is made from a heck load of butter and garlic, thus making it really rich in flavour. 

Known as the Louisiana Cajun Style, the spread of seafood comes in two variants - 2 to 3 pax or 4 to 5 pax. This is their latest set menu, offering a wide array of seafood combinations. 

Before anything else, they would lay 2 long piece of plastic-like paper to prevent the penetration of sauces and what not. There will be bowls for you to dispose of shells, and another bowl of lemon water to kinda pre-clean your hands. 

Look at that beauty. The amount of seafood items.

It will then be laid on the table, like a huge pile of delicious mess. Here is a breakdown of what is inside this magnificent pile. 

Flower crabs - 4pcs (1.2-1.4kg)
Extra large prawns - 16 pcs (800g)
Clams - 800g
Mussels (air flown chilean) - 500g
Squid - 500g
Baby Lobsters (Crayfish) - 500g

Each order comes with a side of potatoes, carrots, corns and refillable rice. 

First and foremost, I believe eating with hands are highly recommended. I mean, it's gonna get messy anyway so might as well enjoy it. 

Apart from the obvious red Cajun sauce, the smell was incredible. The rich buttery essence along with that pungent but pleasant garlic scent, coupled with some dried herbs such as thyme and oregano, the smell was simply phenomenal. Even before digging in I could visualize myself feasting in that pile of gold. 

Another key factor that I really liked about Just Seafood would definitely have to be its freshness. Each and every element to this set was incredibly fresh. All the mussels and clams were opened nicely with none of it being shut tight. 

The crabs were easy to peel and the flesh comes right off. Not forgetting the juicy and succulent crayfish, which I highly recommend all of you to suck on its head. My god was it delicious.

The prawns were really plump and bouncy, where as the squid was soft and beautifully done. Mixed them in with some rice and enjoy!

The aftermath of the feast. Now you might be wondering, with that much sauce, what do I do with it?

Simple. Toasts are also provided for exactly this reason, and this reason only. Follow the simple steps above and suave them up, soaking in all that Cajun juices and enjoy. Do not be fooled by the simple baguette like appearance. It was extremely fluffy on the inside while maintaining a certain degree of crustiness. Absolutely delicious! Just repeat step 1 to 4 until the sauce is gone. 

You may have noticed, I had not mention much about the drinks. That is because the Ice Lime Tea that I had, was an off-menu item. Only by reservation that you'll be able to enjoy a FREE FLOW of Ice Lime Tea. So what are you waiting for? 

The Ice Lime Tea derives from a Chinese Tea grown in Vietnam. The bitter-sweet taste at the end complimented the rich and savoury Cajun spices really well as it cuts through all that richness. The acidity worked brilliantly with the seafood as well. 

Fried Mars Bar

To wrap things up, I had a serving of Fried Mars Bar served with 2 scoops of ice cream. The batter used was done quite thinly, which was not only pleasant but enjoyable and addictive as well. The Mars bar could still be tasted, which is a good thing. However, I did wish for the ice cream to be a little more acidic, just to cut through all that richness. Nevertheless, it was a pretty good plate of dessert. 

So, if you're a big fan of seafood, or any form of shell fish for that matter, do head on down to Just Seafood, located at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. They have an extensive menu featuring not only fresh seafood, but a surprisingly good Vietnamese Pho as well. 

After all, the most important thing regarding seafood is definitely the freshness. Without freshness, even the best sauce will not be able to lift it up. So what are you waiting for? Get on your phones and reserve a table now and receive a COMPLIMENTARY FREE FLOW Ice Lime Tea today! 

Louisiana Cajun Style Sets

2-3 Pax (RM189++)

Flower crabs - 2-3pcs (600-700g)
Extra Large Prawns - 10pcs (500g)
Clams - 500g
Mussels - 250g
Squid - 250g

4-5 pax (RM379++)

Flower crabs - 4pcs (1.2-1.4kg)
Extra large prawns - 16 pcs (800g)
Clams - 800g
Mussels - 500g
Squid - 500g
Baby Lobsters (Crayfish) - 500g

All sets comes with an abundance of potatoes, carrots, corns and refillable rice.

No 10% service charge, only 6% GST.


A-9-G, Sunway Giza Mall, 
Jalan PJU 5/14, Dataran Sunway, 
Kota Damansara, 47810, 
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Operating hours: 12pm-10.30pm daily.

Tel: 012-229 0855 or 03-6144 6366 (reservation)

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