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Shabu Zone and Grill has been around Sunway Mentari for a considerable amount of time now. It is a combination of shabu-shabu and of course, grilling as well. Each table comes with a set of your own shabu-shabu pot, and whether you would like to share and try different soup with friends, or simply have it alone, Shabu Zone and Grill has got you covered. 

This October, they are introducing new items on the menu, which consists of skewered meat, marinated slices and seafood as well. To find out more, do read on! 

The entrance.

The interior of the place is extremely simple and straight-forwarded. The walls are hung with plenty of posters and mirror, making it look modern and spacious. There's a belt for the upfront table, where all the items will rotate, much like a sushi place. 

Each category has a coloured label - green meaning vegetables, blue meaning seafood produce and orange are balls, fish balls and what not. 

The tables are relatively spacious, though taking more than I need proved to be extremely difficult to keep up. However, keep it within your means and it should be fine. The waiters are rather responsive as well and will take away your unused dish. 

Each table, depending on size, is being given 1 shabu-shabu pot per person. There is also a central grilling pan for everyone to share. So whether you like it soupy or grilled, it's your choice. 

One of the things I really liked about Shabu Zone and Grill is simply the drinks-fridge. As you can see, it's filled to the brim. Simply come over, pop open the fridge and take your desired drinks. There are wheatgrass and orange juice, along with some fruits and pudding on the side. 

For those not into these kinda sweet drinks, there are also hot and cold tea available. 

Shabu Zone and Grill has also recently introduce a small selection of sushi and fried dumplings. Not that it is significant in any way, but it certainly does help those who are extremely hungry. 

Sauces in shabu-shabu, besides the soup are extremely important. Fortunately, they have the basic homemade chilli sauce, chopped chilli, fried onion, spring onion, soy sauce and wasabi. For something with a little twist, do try out their Roasted Sesame Sauce or homemade chilli sauce. They go really well with marinated slices of beef, fish and of course, several other seafood. 

For the soup, there are 4 different flavours available - Chicken, Beef, Tomyam and Ponzu. I had to go with their tom yam. Simply because I heard it was spicy, sour and simply amazing. Well, they weren't wrong. It really does have a rich depth of flavour along with its 'kick' as well. 

For the shabu-shabu pot, I prefer only having vegetables, while keeping the glorious selection of meat on the grill. So what I have here are some fresh broccoli, tomatoes, crispy beancurd and enoki mushrooms! 

The meat platter or rather, dishes are ordered. They're not available on the belt as they are freshly skewed upon order. 

Look at those glorious meat and their respective marination!

To be fair, the grill does take quite a long time to heat up and get it cooking. Per skewer, it ranges between 7-9 minutes with this portion. Which for me, isn't exactly a bad thing. Food that cooks too quickly can be easily burnt or overdone. At this pace, you'll be guaranteed a juicy and succulent stick of meat. Absolutely delicious! 

After all, it's a buffet, take your time and enjoy those delicious meat rather than rushing through them.

Apart from that, slices of beef too can be placed on this grill. 

I highly recommend the marinated beef, chicken thighs, mussels and those quail eggs. They were really well marinated and amazingly tender. Especially the chicken thighs. 

Some of the new and revamped items include:
- Prawn Kushiyaki
- Beef Kushiyaki
- Spicy Beef Kushiyaki
- Spicy Green Mussel Kushiyaki
- Quail Eggs
- Chicken Tsukane
- Chicken Yakitori (this was amazing!)
- Sliced Australian Beef Ribeye
- Sliced Beef Bacon
- New Zealand Sliced Lamb Leg
- Spicy Marinated Sliced Duck Breast (you've got to try this!)
- Sliced Chicken Ham
- Fresh Udon
- Minced Chicken 
- Fresh Ramen 
- Chicken Gyoza

Last but not least, for desserts, we have ice cream. Choose from a variety of 8 different flavours, guaranteed to keep the heat down after a steamy session of shabu-shabu. 

In conclusion, Shabu Zone and Grill has much to offer. From their clean and well-maintained condition along with their array of fresh vegetables and sliced meat to their latest introduction. Everything was well-balanced and enjoyable. A little advice, bring some friends along and make it a party! 


Lunch : 12pm - 3pm

Buffet and Grill
- Adult RM31.90
- Kids (below 120cm) RM19.90
- Senior Citizen (60+) RM21.90

Buffet (soup only)
- Adult RM26.90
- Kids (below 120cm) RM18.90
- Senior Citizen (60+) RM21.90

Dinner : 5.30pm - closed

Buffet and Grill
- Adult RM38
- Kids (below 120cm) RM24
- Senior Citizen (60+) RM26.90

Buffet (soup only)
- Adult RM34
- Kids (below 120cm) RM22
- Senior Citizen (60+) RM26.90

Dining time: 120 minutes (2 hours)
Shabu Zone and Grill is Pork and Lard Free! 


B-G-3A, Block B, 
No 1, Jalan PJS 8/13, 
Arena Mentari, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 

Operating hours: 
Mon - Thurs 12pm - 3pm, 5.30pm - 10pm
Fri - Sun 12pm - 11pm

Tel: 03-5887 2843 (for reservation

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  1. Is the place still there? Their facebook page no longer exist and their instagram account suddenly went private and had not accepted me following them for awhile now. Their restaurant option at the tableapp on mobile to reserve a table there is gone. I went there sometime this year but the place was closed even though it was during opening hours. I tried calling them during opening hours but the line immediately tune off as if the number does us no longer in used. My friends and I used to go there at the end of every semester to celebrate cause it was an all you can eat steamboat at a relatively cheap price and we missed it. I guess I wanted to know what happened to them and if they are reopening?

    1. Hello,

      I'm not too sure about their closure nor their re-opening. But heard from a few friends that they are permanently closed.