Techbiz Seminar @ Malaysia IT Fair

11:27:00 PM

To those who are unaware, the next Malaysia IT Fair is happening at the end of August 2015. 28th - 31st specifically. Read here regarding the Raya open house and what's to come However, the reason why I'm writing about this isn't just merely about the Malaysia IT Fair itself, it's about the Techbiz seminar that is available to the public. Not to mention the first ever commercial grade IT solutions expo. 

Techbiz @ Malaysia IT Fair

The Techbiz expo will be available to everyone, but those who are running a company or enterprise or even thinking about starting one should definitely join. The seminar is free of charge and registration link will be provided below. 

There will be a number of speakers coming for the seminar, including the co-founder of MyTeksi and several others. Whether it is business solutions or even a new idea, you might just get it here at Techbiz @ Malaysia IT Fair.

Auction for the hottest gadget will also be available starting from RM1 at 7pm. Do bid for your favourite tech and pay significantly lesser!

Looking for extra storage but lacking the additional funds to do so? RM1 and RM99 pendrive and hardisk are available too! Keep that important video of yours, or that collection of cooking shows and other weird stuff! Do get it early as stocks may be limited!

There will also be free gifts given to those who spend a certain amount and above.

The compilation.

Regarding the seminar's registration, here is the link to it. So, if you're looking for a great deal on any gadget or tech related products, mark your calendar on the 28th of August till the 31st of August 2015! 

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