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I've been hearing about Sushi Mentai quite frequently from friends. All of them were mentioning about how cheap or affordable it was. The prices begins at RM1.80 and RM2.80 per plate of sushi! That's even cheaper than the Sushi King Bonanza in which I thought was already quite cheap. Anyway, I went to the branch in Bukit Tinggi, Klang for lunch and this was my experience there.

The shopfront doesn't really say much except "sushi". 

The interior itself is rather compact, with table align in a straight-manner. The good thing was the cleanliness. After every round, they at least made sure to wipe it with soap and ensure that the tables aren't sticky or wet.

Chuka Kurage & Chuka Idako - RM4.80 each

We began our feast with a serving of Chuka Kurage & Idako, which means jellyfish and octopus. Jellyfish was fresh and had a nice bite to it as it was still firm but soft enough. It was also seasoned beautifully where it wasn't too sweet or salty - just nice. The additional mix of sesame seeds added a nice crunch to it. The same applies for the Idako.

Sharksfin Sushi

I couldn't resist it when I saw it. I am also aware of the controversial "do not eat sharksfin" thing but unfortunately, I loved them. They have a nice distinct flavour and the jelly-like strands were really addictive. It reminds me of childhood way back then. After all, it's pretty rare nowadays. For only RM2.80? Why not! 

Salmon Wrap (6 pcs) - RM10.80

Unlike most maki that uses rice as the binding ingredients, the Salmon Wrap works in reverse. Hence, the dish itself had no rice but just a thin layer of rice paper, salmon and filled with sliced cucumber and carrots. Finish with a drizzle of mayonnaise. Lovely! 

Salmon Skin Maki (4 pcs) - RM6.80

Estimated to be around 20-30% larger than normal Japanese maki proves to be 20-30% more satisfying. Filled with crispy fried salmon skin in a roll of rice and seaweed, it was simply delicious and addictive. A word of warning, do not put it whole inside your mouth if you can't. 

Curry Katsu - RM13.80 

Simple, filling and absolutely affordable. The Japanese curry is done with imported Japanese ingredients mixed and cooked to perfection. Unlike most of the Japanese restaurant here in the Klang Valley, the Curry Katsu from Sushi Mentai is a  lot more mild. It's clean and light, but definitely not as powerful as most. Reason being is because they do not add any Indian or Malay spices to increase the heat. Everything in there is done with only Japanese ingredients. Great for those on a budget or looking for a filling meal. Comes with a miso soup.

Salmon Mentaiyaki - RM14.80

This was possibly one of my favourite among all that I've had. Beautifully pan-seared salmon with a coating of Mentaiko sauce. Absolutely brilliant! The fish was done really moist and the skin remained crispy. The additional Mentaiko spread was flavourful and gave it a new depth of flavour. Extremely enjoyable and highly recommended. 

Sashimi Salad - RM9.80

A serving of salad with chopped sashimi - salmon, butterfish, tako and hokkigai (clamp), mixed with goma sauce, ebiko and finished with sesame seeds. Simple, light and quite frankly - addictive. 

5 Types Sashimi - RM26.80

I believe in any Japanese restaurant, fresh sashimi is a must. Regardless of which cut just as long as it's fresh. I may love salmon a lot but if the slice of salmon wasn't fresh, I couldn't be bothered to order. Fortunately, the sashimi at Sushi Mentai was really fresh. Furthermore, it was thickly cut to perfection. Soft, sweet and melts in your mouth. Absolutely delicious - especially when they have butterfish, scallop and clamp! 

Specials of the day 

Before I continue any further, I must say that I do not know the name of any of the sushi. Instead, I will say that it's their specials of the day. They will alternate different types of sushi along with a mix of different ingredients and combination. Thus, creating something totally new and well, fresh. Taste-wise of course will be subjective. Some may like it, some may not. It's something new and that is why I must try! 

The specials also depend on the season and availability of item. For example, Mango is a seasonable product hence they might only be used when in season. 

Maki filled with crabstick and layered with torched beancurd and mentaiko sauce. It was crispy, rich and definitely flavourful, thanks to the mentaiko sauce. 

Breadcrusted ebi with cucumber wrapped with seaweed rice and seaweed flakes finished with a drop of mayo and ebiko. Simple and pleasant. 

Similar to the previous one but with a layer of cheese instead.

Maki with ebiko and finished with tempura flakes. Crispy and full of texture. Though I advice to share for this. 

One of my favourite, Salmon Mentaiko sushi. Served with torched salmon and mentaiko sauce - absolutely delicious. Loved the richness and of course, the freshness of the salmon. 

Like the salmon mentaiko sushi, this was the crabstick version. In anyway I put it, the crabstick was slightly more premium than a regular one you get in most Japanese restaurant. It has a nicer texture, more stringy and definitely more taste accurate. Combined with the lovely mentaiko - it was truly delicious. 

This was also one of my favourite. A standard Inari partially filled with crispy tempura flakes and topped with tempura ebi, mayonnaise and finished with a dash of ebiko. The texture was wonderful and the flavours were really spot on. Absolutely delicious and highly recommended! 

In short, Sushi Mentai has more to offer than just cheap and affordable sushi. They have a wide range of entrees to compliment the meal as well. All of the items I had above were freshly made. Only the sushi were done and placed on the conveyor belt. For a cup of tea, it cost only RM1 for unlimited refils, which is quite the price really. 

Freshness was spot on and the flavours and combination were pretty good. Of course, it might need getting used to but definitely worth the try. Some of my favourite includes the sashimi, salmon mentaiyaki, sharksfin, chuka's and the Crispy Ebi Inari (made up name). Will definitely return for more! 


Sushi Mentai,
No.77-G, Jalan Batu Nilam 4,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi,
41200 Klang,

Operating hours: Daily 12pm-10pm.

No reservation.

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