Food Hunt (#MakanMakan) @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

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I think it has been around 2 years since the first 1 Utama food hunt organised by The Butterfly Project. This time, the idea is similar with the use of a Food Hunt passport, running from one restaurant to another to try out their food. 

#MakanMakanFoodHunt banner!

Our passport.

1st stop - Little Fat Duck

As most of you might already know, Little Fat Duck started out as a food truck. Offering extremely affordable western dishes right in front of Public Bank SS15. RM5 pastas were selling like hot cakes, along with some other western dishes. The idea here was exactly the same but with the prices slightly beefed up. Not by much, probably around RM1-2 only. Everything else, including the taste and portion remained the same.

Average pricing - RM5-10

2nd stop - Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt

I'm quite sure many of you are already aware of Moo Cow, offering possibly one of the most flavour-accurate froyo (frozen yogurt) in town. Unlike a number of the newer brands, Moo Cow focuses a lot on its core product - frozen yogurt. For added fun, do top up from their series of available condiments such as blackcurrent, raisins, chocolate chip, waffle pieces, digestive biscuit and many more! 

For the time being, Moo Cow is also having their monthly flavour promotion with two new additional flavours - blackcurrent and pink guava. In short, the flavours were spot on with a nice balance between the acidity of the yogurt and sweetness from the fruits. 

Average pricing - RM7-15

3rd stop - Curry House CoCo Ichibanya

Unlike most Japanese curry houses, CoCo Ichibanya actually serves pretty spicy Japanese curry as their core product. Featuring a series of level (1-5) of spiciness, with 1 being the mildest and 5 being the spiciest. Apart from the creamy, rich and rather spicy curry, the type of rice used was pretty decent as well. Glistering and extremely sticky. 

CoCo Ichibanya also features a variety of side dishes and desserts for diners and guests. The grilled squid was done perfectly and served with a strip of mayonnaise on top. The green tea ice cream too was slightly on the bitter side which really packs a punch on flavour. 

Average pricing - RM17-25

4th stop - Myeongdong Topokki

I think in all honesty, this was the restaurant that we ordered the most. We thought that the sides and snacks would be small in portion but oh were we wrong. It's not exactly small, nor little. In fact, the portion was relatively large. Not to mention the amount of variety - with all of them combined, it would have been a full meal! 

Lots of flavour, plenty to choose from and I especially liked the topokki and fried octopus. The kimbap was pretty well made as well. A great place for snacks and well, a meal too if you were to order a lot.

Average pricing - RM15-20

5th stop - O Banh Mi

O Banh Mi is a Vietnam restaurant offering their specialty sandwich. It's slightly different from most sandwiches but do pack the necessary flavour and texture. The buns were fried and filled with various vegetables and marinated meat such as pork, chicken or beef. Apart from that, famous Vietnamese Pho (noodles) and spring rolls are available too!

Average pricing - RM10-20

6th stop - Nana's Green Tea

Nana's Green Tea, the famous Japanese parfait restaurant has finally open its doors at 1 Utama. I still remember the horrendous queue I had to do in order to try one of these. Simply put - sugar rush. Plenty of green tea flavoured items along with azuki as well. Great for those who love green tea, ice cream or Japanese stuff for that matter. 

Average pricing - RM20-30

7th stop - Bisou Bake Shop

Bisou Bake Shop has been notoriously popular for it's cute and pretty cupcakes and cakes as well. A variety of flavours such as Lychee Rose, Cappucino, Pineapple tart, Banana Cream Pie and many more are available! If you're the kind to look for something much simpler like a basic chocolate cupcake or even the vanilla, they have it too! With cupcakes designed beautifully and artistically, its a perfect gift for a birthday or celebration!

Average pricing - RM4-10

8th stop - The Library Coffee Bar

To be fair, I never expect The Library Coffee & Bar to have any food-related items. It was indeed quite surprising to see them serving some. Apart from the already well-known coffee and tea, they too serve pretty decent main courses and desserts. The pasta was made with sardine, which was pretty unique. Sandwiches and waffle too were pretty decent. The pizza was quite interesting as it uses a pastry base instead of a dough base. 

Average pricing - RM8-20

9th stop - Quiznos Sub

I wondered hard about when Quiznos Sub ventured in to 1 Utama but I couldn't figure it out. However, after a short mental block I went straight for the food and to my surprise, I actually like it more than Subway. 

To keep things short, the bread used was way softer and fluffy. Even after I took away a set for myself, the bread remained soft 6-7 hours layer. All I had to do was microwave it for about 30 seconds and it was good to go. The ingredients used were much richer (by richer I meant more and well, more flavourful as well). Quite simply, it was fresh, light and delicious.

Average pricing - RM15-20

10th (final) stop - Betjeman & Barton

Last but not least, we concluded our 1 Utama food hunt at Betjeman & Barton cafe. I honestly do not know where did it originated from but it certainly did look quite fancy as compared to the previous 9 restaurants visited. They offer a variety of teas along with cakes and sweet pastries for high-tea. 

However, what I liked most about Betjeman & Barton wasn't merely the 'atas' ambiance and/or food. It was the cutlery and utensils used. The cup was beautifully designed to not only be held with easy, the saucer had a subtle but noticeable area for the tea-spoon. The weight distribution for the cup was brilliant and was simply a joy to drink from. The tea pot too were pretty decent has it allows 4 fingers at the handle and, not getting burned by it due to the insulation cover. 

Food wise, very unique but requires getting used to. Macaroons were pretty good but certainly wasn't the best I had. But overall, pretty good. 

Average pricing - RM5-20

So, this concludes the 5 hour food journey I had at 1 Utama with a group of bloggers. It was fun and also tiring at the same time. Running from one restaurant to another certainly wasn't as easy as I thought. But at the end of the day, I may have gained several pounds and of course, some fun as well. 

The list of participating outlets:

1. Little Fat Duck 
2. Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt
3. Curry House CoCo Ichibanya
4. Myeongdong Topokki
5. O Banh Mi
6. Nana's Green Tea
7. Bisou Bake Shop
8. The Library Coffee & Bar
9. Quiznos SUb
10. Betjeman & Barton

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