Steaks and Lobsters @ Desa Sri Hartamas

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Over the past few days and perhaps weeks, I've been hearing a lot about Steaks and Lobsters without knowing what the hell is was. In any case, I'd assume it would be merely steaks and lobsters. Finally, after waiting for eternity, I've finally had the chance to visit this sacred restaurant to try out what they have to offer. True enough, they specializes in steak and lobsters but with a variety of many other things as well. 

The entrance, located right in front of Naughty Nuri's/

The restaurant itself isn't all that fancy but it is well kept and clean. The kitchen is also held upstairs so you won't be seeing any fiery action on the ground floor. 

Complimentary bun with cinnamon butter. Simple, warm and really addictive!

Bello Fries - RM18

We began our feast with a plate of porto bello fries. Thick slices of porto bello mushroom coated in thick batter, deep fried to crispy perfection and served on a bed of sauce. 

Grass Fed Sirloin - RM48

A generous 300gm of grass fed sirloin slab cooked perfectly pink, served with sides of coleslaw, potato salad, grilled pumpkin and fries. Though this was the cheapest cut available, it still packs quite a significant amount of flavour naturally. I did felt that my steak was under-seasoned but it was alright. The best part about this was the fact that the sides can be refilled for free! 

Boston Grilled Lobster - RM68 (half) / RM128 (full)

Last but not least, their Boston grilled lobster! Look at that huge claw! Despite all the hard work needed to crack open the shell, the result were pretty rewarding. The flesh was not only juicy but packed with natural sweetness. Served with lemon aioli which worked perfectly with the lobster and an array of sides (refillable).

So far, both the steak and lobsters were pretty well done. They're the cheapest selection in the menu so I do not expect much. However, there are still lots to try and perhaps I will do so in the future. But as of now, it's pretty good to satisfy that lingering craving for lobster deep down your heart. 


42, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Tues-Sun 5pm-12am

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