San Nae Deul Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Empire Damansara

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I believe quite a number of you would already know the existence of San Nae Deul. Famous for their Korean BBQ and vast ventures in Klang Valley with more than 10 outlets, San Nae Deul Korean BBQ Restaurant has been a popular place of choice for the younger generation. Sometimes offering lunch buffet promotion starting from RM29.90 per person. It's hard not to miss it! 

The entrance.

Imported Korean Can Drinks - RM5 each

We started off with some refreshments flown from Korea. The Lotte Milkis is a sweet yogurt and milk-based drink that is infused with soda. Thus making it light and refreshing. 

Followed by an array of assorted side dishes, famously known to be served in all Korean restaurants.

Some pre-cooked meat. 

Ontot he grill, which was rather amusing because they actually place a piece of paper right below it.

And here it is done! 

Some premium cut of meat that comes in roll. 

Pre-marinated chicken.

Before moving further on to their main dishes, not the ones from the BBQ menu, I would like to share a little on the experience behind San Nae Deul. Overall, the restaurant was very well maintained. Clean and oil-less floor, which was delightful since I was quite certain I will not fall. 

The service was relatively responsive because we had a private function room. It will take some time to get their attention but they do respond quite rapidly upon calling. The other bonus, like most Korean BBQ restaurants, was the fact that the staffs will be cooking the meat for you. I'm totally fine with that idea but I hated the fact that they overcook everything. I do mean everything.

So it came to a point where we decided to take charge of our own grill and cook it to our liking. The first few rounds were horribly dry and chewy. However, after bring in control, the meat was juicy and tender with plenty of juices retained within. So a small tip, do it yourself if you prefer the meat to be slightly under or perhaps at the right moment. 

Additional side and main dishes too plays an important role in the Korean restaurant business. The chicken wings I had above were of 2 flavours - spicy and normal. Both were fried perfectly while one had an additional glaze over it. The flavours were quite in depth and the meat was juicy. Quite a snack if you'd ask me.

Bibimbap - a traditional Korean dish, made with various types of shredded vegetables and finished with an egg yolk. Simply mix and enjoy. 

Korean pancake omelette - made with several interesting ingredients such as crabmeat, carrot, green onion, and chives. Served with chili sauce and meant to be eaten so. 

One of my favourite side dish, known as the LA Beef Rib Jung Sik, which was simply a combination of various vegetables, glass noodles and beef slices that had been stir-fried. Rich in flavour and lots of texture - a great dish to have while waiting for the BBQ meat to be cooked. 

Without a doubt, the Korean culture often emphasize on the importance of Ginseng. Not just for its amazing health benefits but as a flavour enhancer to various broth, soup and sauces. San Nae Deul's version of the Ginseng soup comes with chiken and various condiments that makes it really aromatic and flavourful. 

Overall, the meal I had at San Nae Deul was quite satisfying. They had everything ranging from Korean BBQ to individual selection of meat and platter, soups and beyond. Plenty to choose from, affordable pricing and gained some weight. What's not to love? 


G16-17, Empire Damansara, 
47820 Damansara, 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 11am-10pm 

Tel: 012-3575865

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  1. Very poor services and food not serve even waited 1.5 hours. Manager has extremely poor manner when we complaint, he said this is what we expect when only paying RM45 when he can easily charge 60+.. We have to get to their serving station to get vege and sauce ourselves coz no people serving after asked for so many times.Taste of the food are no special. Really urge all people don't waste $$ here

    1. Hello Zanthe Kwok,

      I'm sorry to hear about your horrible experiences at San Nae Deul. I will forward this msg to ther person in charge in hopes that they will change for the better. I too understand that kind of treatment, especially from franchise establishments.

      Anyway, thank you again for your feedback. Have a great day!