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Boathouse Restaurant & Bar has been around TTDI for 11 years and is also known as one of the oldest restaurant within the area. Owned by Chef Yenni Law, who had taken over from the previous owner and continued the legacy of Boathouse. 

Chef Yenni Law is a young and talented cook, managing both the restaurant and kitchen, ensuring quality meals and the utmost attentive service. Furthermore, she has also published her own cook book by the name of "Meatology", where she demonstrates and educates about the basics of meat. More on the book at the end!

The entrance.

If you do not already know, Boathouse Restaurant & Bar has been a popular place of choice for many of the locals around the vicinity. The restaurant is also dog friendly, where diners are allowed to bring their dogs and dine together with them. However, only the first half of the restaurant (open air area) can be catered to such. 

Lumpfish Caviar Oyster 3 pcs - RM28

We started off with a selection of fresh pacific oysters with a luscious serving of lumpfish caviar with chopped scallion and caper bud served with lemon on the side. Though I do not enjoy oysters on a normal basis, this was one of those that I quite like. Perhaps due to its freshness and the additional caviar, that gave it a little more depth and richness in flavour. It was extremely fresh and absolutely lovely. 

Caramelised Roast Pork with Garlic Gloves - RM29

It may look like there's a lot to take in, but trust me, it's just about the right quantity. It was served as a starter to us but I felt otherwise. With the immense flavour from the garlic and amazingly roasted pork, it would work best with a pint of beer! A fair warning, beware of garlicky breath after having this. 

Foie Gras - RM69

Possibly one of the best starters I've had in a long time. A delicious slab of foie gras, seasoned and cooked to perfection and served with rockets and a touch of zesty vinaigrette. The foie gras was simply amazing as it had a rich depth of flavour. It's sweet, savoury and beautifully scented. Simple and absolutely delicious. 

Steak Au Poivre a la Guerridon (House Special) - RM78

Boathouse Restaurant & Bar has been immensely popular for its love of flambeed dishes. The house special was simply a delicious slab of 320gm prime steak filled seasoned with black pepper and charbroiled to the desired doneness. It was then brought to our table and flambeed with brandy and served with their signature sauce. Finished with a side of mash, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. 

Now personally I'm not a fan of steak with sauce but for this occasion I would let it slide. The sauce itself had a really rich and balanced flavour, where it paired nicely with the steak. It was also cooked beautifully to the doneness we desired, medium and the brandy certainly did its job. Though I preferred my steak with merely salt and pepper, it's alright to try something new once in a blue moon. 

Passionfruit Macerated Ribs with BBQ Glaze (Specials of the day) - RM79

Told you that Boathouse loves to flambeed their dishes. Also, I would like to point out that this was a double shot due to my first photo failure. Hence the taste was a little stronger than expected. 

The ribs were cooked beautifully but it wasn't fork-tender as it was meant to be that way. Chef Yenni insisted on a rib that is not only tender but had a bite to it as well. The marination seemed pretty successful as the flavours were beautifully permeated. BBQ glaze was a nice finish as it adds a little sweetness, tangy-ness and a little moisture. 

Squid Ink Risotto - RM42

This was possibly one of the prettiest squid ink risotto that I've seen. Look at that glistering shine from the risotto, along with a large scallop, fresh prawns and squid. Flavours were very well balance and seafood were cooked to tender perfection. Squid was just right and not too rubbery. Scallops were fresh and plump while the prawns were nicely de-veined. 

Crepe Suzette - RM30

As you can see, even the dessert was flambeed. Beautiful wedges of caramelised orange flambeed with Cointreau and Cognac, served on a French frepe doused in orange butter sauce and caramel, finished with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The result was a dance between the sweet, the sour and the bitter. Though sweetness was obviously the winner, the balance was pleasant and enjoyable. Presentation could be improved but the flavours were spot on. 

Frozen Strawberry Margarita - RM26
Appletini - RM25

Apart from their amazing selection of exquisite dishes, Boathouse Restaurant & Bar has a great bar as well. Serving some of their signature drinks such as the Frozen Strawberry Margarita which was my favourite. I had another coffee-like alcohol but I cant seem to find the photo nor remember the name to it. But that tasted really unique as well. Perfect for anyone who enjoys both coffee and alcohol.

As I've mentioned before, the chef of Boathouse Restaurant & Bar, Chef Yenni Low did publish a cookbook by the name of "Meatology". It features all the basics preparation you need in order to cut, fillet or even identity the type of cuts for various meat - fish, lamb, beef, chicken and pork. The cookbook itself was incredibly easy to look at, where the recipe is one the left hand side and a photo of the dish on the right. Beautifully written and well composed, loved the recipes and the simplicity of method used. You can get a copy of your own at your nearest Popular or MPH. 

Overall, the food I had at the Boathouse Restaurant & Bar was without a doubt, delicious. They were carefully prepared with the utmost standards and balance. The flambeed performance were fun to watch as well, though it may seem rather repetitive. A good experience with friendly staffs and a passionate chef, a great place definitely worth visiting! 


16, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-3am.

Tel: 03-7727 4426

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