46 by Project Gibraltar @ Taipan 2, USJ 9

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46 by Project Gibraltar is one of the latest additions the cafe industry in Taipan. Owned and operated by one of the ex-owners of Flat White, 46 by Project Gibraltar is one of the only cafe that offers specialty coffee within the vicinity. Opened just merely a few weeks ago, they've been getting quite a notable reputation for their immense use of white. It felt as if I somewhat went to heaven, not to mention the speakeasy concept of the place. 

The speakeasy entrance.

As it is shown above, the whole cafe was extremely white. From the walls to the table and chairs. A nice balance of timber are used to offset the brightness of the place, which was very Japanese like. 

Hartmann Estate (Papa Palheta Specialty Coffee) - RM12

A mild cup of coffee made from Panama and Candela beans by using a filter method of extraction. It was light, sweet, not very aromatic and had a soft nut finish. Sparkling water is provided for cleansing of palette. 

Salted Caramel Espresso - RM12

Similar to a popcorn latte that quite a number of cafe offer, but significantly better in balance of coffee and sweetness. 

CrazyPuff Lamb - RM15

To most it may look like a giant curry puff, but to me it seemed a lot like a calzone. It's pretty much pastry filled with delicious fillings. The lamb was pretty okay, it wasn't as flavourful or fantastic as I'd expect it to be but it was decent. I personally found it a little dry. However, dipped with the sour-sambal sauce on the side and it did help moisten the puffs. In short, the puff was alright though I personally think that improvements can be made. 

Ham & Cheese Croissant

The sandwich I had was fairly straight-forward and clean, which was obviously reflected in the design of the place. Served with fresh lettuce, ham, cheese, mayonnaise and a side of chips, everything was light and well balanced. Nothing too heavy. Though I wished for a richer and more buttery croissant which is usually made possibly by French butter. 

Tiramisu - RM14

46 by Project Gibraltar is also one of the few cafes that offers alcoholic tiramisu. Made with an infusion of kahlua, the tiramisu had a nice spongy and jelly like consistency. Well balanced and loved the crunchiness of the nuts on top. 

To conclude my experience at 46 by Project Gibraltar, here is a photo of a Japanese craft beer. As the owner said, beer and coffee goes hand in hand where the coffee is for daylight and beer otherwise. The cafe was extremely relaxing with the air-conditioning set at an arctic temperature. Great with a cup of hot coffee and a serving of delicious cakes. 


46, Jalan USJ 9/5p, 
Subang Business Centre, 
47620 Subang Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

Operating hours: Tues-Sun 11am-11pm
Tel: 03-8011 9887

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