Kotak Kotak Cafe @ Glenmerie

8:00:00 AM

Among all the cafe I've visited and perhaps will be visiting in the near future, the idea of reviewing one in Glenmerie has never hit my mind. Though perhaps its because of the perception that 'there is no cafe' in Glenmerie. However, I'm glad that Kotak Kotak Cafe has proven me wrong. Located just merely 5 minutes away from the Subang-Glenmerie entrance, right behind a petrol station within a row of shophouses. 

Kotak Kotak Cafe is minimalist designed with the constant use of the colour white. The term 'Kotak-Kotak' was derived from the previous owner, where the unit for the cafe was once a storage room for the office above. Hence, the concept of boxes (kotak). Interestingly, the cafe was design by an Architect, which is the owner herself whom graduated and had practised in Melbourne. 

The entrance.

The cafe was beautifully done, with white being the main contributor and brown playing the supportive role. The use of LED lights too were pretty interesting. 

Vege Fries - RM12

We began with a delicious serving of cut eggplant, zucchini and sweet potato made fries. Covered in light battered and fried till golden perfection. Each strip was nicely cooked with a thin and crisp batter. However, the highlight of the dish was actually the included Curry Aioli. Beautifully done with a nice balance of curry flavour and richness. It was pretty much a marriage between the two.

Custom Made Sandwich
- Sourdough bread RM2
- Chorizzo RM9
- Grilled zuchini RM3
- Imported cheddar cheese RM5
- Tomato ragout RM2
Total cost: RM21

One of the joy of having this sandwich was the ability to built in from scratch. Similar to what you get in Subway but way fresher and more complex with flavours. Though I have to say, not everyone would enjoy the combination they chose so I would suggest getting a recommendation. I absolutely enjoyed mine and I thought that the chorizzo worked really well with the tomato ragout and of course, the amazing Curry Aioli dressing. The only thing I felt was slightly disappointing was the bread used. But overall, loved it. 

Spicy Spaghetti Bolognese - RM13 / RM20

The spicy spaghetti bolognese was truly a delight to have. It was fresh, simple and had a nice depth of flavour. Though unfortunately, the chef actually forgot to include the chilis in my bolognese sauce and it turned out to be a regular bolognese instead. Was quite sad about it but I still enjoyed it. However, I believe they could improve on the amount of minced meat as I found it to be lacking. 

Overall, Kotak Kotak Cafe was a pretty nice place to chill. With a very limited and carefully designed menu, you'll be assured that each item on the menu has a certain level of standards that will not disappoint. Everything was made fresh, which was extremely pleasant and certainly helped in the building of flavour. 

The cafe itself too was comfortable and cozy, with plug points available by the benches and wifi as well. Great place to chill, dine and of course, a place for coffee. 


No.8 Jln Presiden F, U1/F, 
Accentra Glenmarie,
Seksyen U1,40150, 
Shah Alam.

Operating hours: 
Tuesday - Sunday 8am-7pm

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