Fork D World @ Damansara Perdana

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Fork D World Bistro was founded on a truly exception idea. The idea was simply going against the current norm and well, literally 'fuck the world'. Instead of going green and healthy, Fork D World promotes deliciously fat cuisine, with majority being bacon infused! It is a concept in which I adore and love. Fat is love, fat is life. Bacon is fat, bacon is love, bacon is life.

The signage. 

Fork D World is relatively new in the market. It has only been around for a month from the point in which this review is uploaded. They focus a lot of hearty, wholesome comfort food. No, it doesn't exactly have to be healthy but it certainly needs to be delicious - it's comfort food for a reason. 

Bacon Bomb - RM18

We started off with a serving of bombs. It's pretty much mozzarella wrapped in puff pastry and encased in delicious and juicy bacon, followed by deep frying and some sprinkle of brown sugar on top. Crispy, juicy and packed with detonation of flavours. The additional brown sugar sprinkles on top really did improve its taste profile. 

Grilled Australian Lamb Loin (chop) - RM35

I personally didn't believe it, nor did my friends - honestly speaking. I personally enjoy lamb and it's really difficult finding somewhere serving delicious lamb. It's usually too dry or underseasoned, or even reek of stench. Balance, juiciness, flavourful and of course, that subtle but permeating essence of lamb should be noticeable. 

The grilled Australian lamb at Fork D World was simply amazing. It had all of those criteria - flavours (a good marinate), juiciness, balance and of course, a good amount of melt-in-your-mouth fat. Served with grilled vegetables on the side, bacon wrapped potato and sweet potato puree. Absolutely delicious and highly recommended! 

Salmon Pie - RM18

I love pies. All kinds of pies - regardless of shape, size or even flavour and texture. I can say one thing, the salmon pie at Fork D World was certainly one of my top few favourite pies. Packed with delicious chunks of salmon in a cream sauce and finished with a crispy puff pastry. This pot of wonder was not only simple, but delicious to the core. Absolutely loved it. 

Nutella Cheesecake

Now I'm not exactly a fan of cheesecake but I do eat them on occasion. The Nutella Cheesecake by Fork D World was relatively simple. 3 layers stacked upon one another with the Nutella being the highest and the cookie crust at the bottom. It's simple, it's rich and yes, it's fattening.

In short, there are more to life than just bacons. In Fork D World, although a majority of their food are infused with bacon, there are still some that does not. Whether or not the remaining is any good, I will have to return to find out! However, as of now, it is still a place worth visiting to fulfill that bacon craving of yours. 


D2-G-3A, Ritze Perdana 1 Commercial Lot, 
Jalan PJU 8/2, Damansara Perdana, 
47820 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Operating hours: 
Mon-Fri 11am-10pm
Sat 9am-10pm

Tel: 0377313827


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