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Chez Leoniel is what I would consider a hidden gem in the midst of KL. Located in the hidden valley of Lorong Gurney, where I thought Waze brought me to the wrong location, in a French school. Much like the British council but for French instead. 

To enter the vicinity, you'll have to pass through a guard post, in which you have to mention Chez Leoniel cafe. If not, they might not let you in due to suspicion. Within the area, is a large bungalow with quite a generous amount of land. The parking is right at the back of the place, so do not freak out as it does look like an embassy. 

chez Leoniel

The interior of the Chez Leoniel

chez Leoniel
chez Leoniel
chez Leoniel

Chez Leoniel is quite a simple and chill place to be. Nothing too fancy and everything were well spaced out. 

We started off with some flavoured French soda - passionfruit & lychee. Both were really refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness. 

Nicoise Salad - RM13

Followed by a plate of simple and fresh Nicoise Salad, finished with vinaigrette and flakes of salmon. Fresh, simple and a great starter before the mains. 

French Club Sandwich - RM13

The French Club Sandwich too was rather simple. With common ingredients such as lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and ham, layered with 3 pieces of white bread and served with chips on the side. Nothing too fancy but definitely worth eating for lunch. 

Spaghetti Bolognese - RM18

Possibly one of the most balanced spaghetti bolognese that I've had. The flavour wasn't as rich as other restaurant but I could certainly taste the individual components at its best. Well coated with just the right portion and pasta cooked beautifully (al-dante). 

Sturgeon - RM48

In all fairness, this is the first time I had Sturgeon. It's the same fish that produces luxurious caviar. You might wonder, why is it so cheap then? Fortunately, Chez Leoniel is currently doing an introductory price on its Sturgeon. Originally, a 230gram Sturgeon fish would cost a massive RM280 +/-, but is currently going for only RM48. The piece I had was around 110grams, so do not worry about the size. 

The fish was pan seared skin side down, with a little more around the edge. Internally, it's still raw. Which was delicious - sweet and delicate. It was also served with a sweet potato puree, leek fondue and lemon capers sauce, which worked brilliantly with the fish. For those who wishes to taste the natural flavours of the sturgeon, simply do not dip it in sauce. Overall, the dish was well balanced and absolutely delicious. 

French Crepe

For dessert, I had a simple serving of French crepe with orange, vanilla ice cream and drizzle in chocolate sauce. The crepe was nicely done - firm and consistent, which wraps around a serving of orange and vanilla ice cream nicely. Good balance and a nice finish. 

Assorted French Pastry and Bakery - RM4 - RM7

It is quite difficult to describe these in detail but in short, they were simply delicious. The croissant (RM5) was my favourite - made with French butter, layered and cooked to crispy perfection. The flakiness was enjoyable and so was the lightness and flavour of it. 

The Pain Aus Raisins (RM4) too were really delicious. Soft, flaky and packed with flavour and sweetness. Last but not least, the pastry with the apple puree too was pretty good. Word of warning, do not put it in your mouth as a whole. It's hot. 

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies - RM15/jar

That's not how it is supposed to look and neither were the 2 twigs of vanilla stick placed in such a manner. All that was for decorative purposes. Cookie was nice and crusty, though a little more butter for added richness and chocolate chip would be nice. 


Last but not least, Praline. It is a form of confectionery containing at a minimum nuts and sugar; cream is a common third ingredient. A wonderful finish indeed. 

Overall, the dishes at Chez Leoniel were indeed delicious. The cafe is owned by a young and talented chef by the name of DG Leoniel. Yes, his surname is DG for some amazing reasons I couldn't find out why. Quite a number of the dishes are French inspired, as it's quite obvious due to its location and culinary background. They were well-seasoned, balanced and beautifully presented. I especially loved the Sturgeon fish and his assortment of pastries. 

Definitely will be coming back for more Sturgeon, as it is still under introductory price. Do get it before it skyrocket, like the current situation of USD to MYR. 


Alliance Française,
15 Lorong Gurney, 
54100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: 
Tue – Fri  10AM - 5PM
Saturday  8AM - 5PM
Mon, Sun & Pub Holiday - Close

Tel/Reservation: 019 723 2112

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