Swich Cafe @ Atria Mall, PJ

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Swich Cafe is one of the latest additions to the Atria Mall gallery of food and fats. Occupying a space at the ground floor with 2 available entrances. The cafe itself is fairly simple, whitish cabinet design with a chiller filled with delicious looking cakes. The only question left is, are they really good?

The external entrance.

The internal entrance.

Swich Cafe is indeed a cozy place to be. Great place for a discussion or meet-up over several plates of cakes and of course, coffee as well. What's nice about Swich Cafe is that everything is made fresh, in house with their own recipe. This applies to all their cakes and coffee. Unfortunately, if you're looking for food, there aren't any at the Atria Mall's outlet. 

Latte - RM12

Started off with a smooth and milky cup of latte. Overall, it was very light in flavour, something that I wouldn't enjoy as much. I prefer something a little stronger and perhaps, bitter? But in all honesty, it is pretty good as it's more acceptable by the mass. 

Salted Caramel Japanese Cheesecake - RM12.90

Quite possibly one of my favourite variant of an ordinary cheesecake. Layered with delicious and well balanced salted caramel, where the saltiness nor the caramel takes over one another. The two sponge layer too was light and fluffy, which worked brilliantly with the salted caramel cream. Finished with caramel sauce on the top - absolutely delicious. 

Red Velvet - RM12.90

I think the trend of red velvet has come to an end. There aren't much red velvet left in the market. Swich Cafe's variant was a little more dry compared to most but the cream cheese had its flavour. The portion was pretty generous and I did enjoy the cranberries on top. 

Valrhona Chocolate Cake - RM12.90

Despite it's simple appearance, Swich Cafe's Valrhona Chocolate cake was superbly rich and moist. The flavours of the chocolate didn't felt cheap, nor artificially sweet. Instead, it was smooth, velvety and fragrant. It may not be my favourite cake due to me not liking chocolate that much, but it certainly will be for those chocolate lovers. 

Musang King Durian Pie - RM14.90

Last but not least (I purposely put this at the end), was the Musang King Durian Pie. Made with Valrhona chocolate and freshly extracted musang king durian. It was rich, flavourful, aromatic (durian) and packed with flavour and texture! The crustiness from the base, the plump from the durian and finally the smoothness and velvety valrhona chocolate on top - it was absolutely delicious! 

These were all the cakes that I've tried. However, there were quite a number of other cakes that I wish to try, especially the Mangosteen cake. That would be nice. Overall, the cakes were beautifully executed and presented. Nothing too fancy, just as it is. Simple, straight-forwarded and delicious. Great with a cup of coffee over a conversation with friends or family. 


C-11A, Concourse Ground Floor, 
Atria Shopping Gallery, 
Damansara Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours: 10am-10pm

Tel: 03 62018221

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  1. Glad to hear their cake still keep in good quality after so many years. Btw, love your blog, speaking honestly and truthfully on how the food taste like.

    1. Haha. Thank you! I do what I can to be fair and honest.