Vladimir's Place @ Off Jalan Imbi

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Vladimir's Place is currently the only authentic Russian restaurant in KL. Located at Off Jalan Imbi, Vladimir's place is basically a bungalow made restaurant. With luxurious interior decor such as a double-cove plastic celing, elephant tusk, chandelier and a bloody expensive clock - the place felt like no other. 

The entrance.

The luxurious interior.

Dressed Herring - RM22

I started off with a traditional Russian dish called the Dressed Herring. Served with salted herring, beetroot, onions, eggs and mayonnaise. Quite surprisingly, the egg was shaved onto the dish, which made the texture really fun to eat. The balance of flavour were remarkable as well. The saltiness from the herring, sourness from the beetroot, sweetness from the onion, egg and mayonnaise were simply delicious. Highly recommended. 

Borsch Soup - RM15

Followed by the Russian version of a Borsch Soup. Made with tender beef chunks and a scoop of sour cream. The Borsch soup packs a punch in terms of its flavour profile. It was also a little on the tangy side and balanced with the creaminess of the sour cream. Overall, loved it. 

Baked Salmon with Cauliflower - RM29

For the main I had a baked salmon with cauliflower sauce, steamed spinach and pine nuts. Although the salmon was a little overdone as I wished it was pink, the flavours well compensated for it. The saltiness of the cauliflower puree worked wonderfully with the unseasoned salmon, along with the creamy steamed spinach and pine nuts. It wasn't filling but it did satisfy my craving for flavour. 

Dumplings with Sweet Cherry - RM15.90

For dessert, I had an odd bowl of dumplings with sweet cherry. Even though I might like it, the flavour and texture seemed really odd. It's not entirely bad but it certainly was something new. Sweet cherries with a thick and even dumpling dough - pretty new.

Overall, Vladimir's Place definitely was a treat. The prices were extremely reasonable as most of them were below RM30, some in between RM31-40. The most expensive item was unsurprisingly the Vodka. Costing up to RM1000 per bottle, I truly wonder who might purchase them. Regardless, for such a beautiful place and delicious dishes, Vladimir's Place is definitely a place of visit. 


 32, Jalan Inai, 
Off Jalan Imbi, 
Bukit Bintang, 
Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: Daily 11am-11pm

Tel: 03-2144-5636

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